JungleMulch now available in the UK

Proven in the US for many years, JungleMulch is now available in the UK exclusively through PlaySmart. Available in a range of vibrant colour blends, JungleMulch is a unitary surface with look of a natural covering. Suitable for a wide range of uses, JungleMulch eliminates the costly groundworks typically associated with wet pour and, unlike some other mulches, uses only organic pigments and aliphatic binders.


JungleMulch can be used in recreation areas such as adventure parks, play areas, trim trails and tyre trails as well as applications such as paths, embankments, tree surrounds and mowing strips. It is also a great solution for erosion control areas and weed control in landscape planting areas.


Customers can choose from three standard colour blends – Jungle, Rustic and Rainbow.

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