SmartPlay advanced safety system launched

After two years in development, PlaySmart are pleased to announce the launch of their SmartPlay advanced safety system.

Developed for use in a range of safety surfacing systems and launched after rigorous testing in demanding conditions and available exclusively from PlaySmart, the first products to incorporate the SmartPlay concept (patent pending) are our market-leading matting systems FireSmart and EcoSmart.

SmartPlay is particularly suited to matted areas with poor ground conditions or higher Critical Fall Height requirements. Using the SmartPlay system helps to standardise ground conditions thereby reducing potential for variability but that’s not all. Unlike some other stabilising systems, the base materials used in SmartPlay are already proven for Critical Fall Height (CFH) whilst the holes in SmartPlay mean that it is suitable for use in systems where grass needs to grow through and customers now have the option to also use one of two SmartPlay systems with FireSmart and EcoSmart.

To find out more about our advanced safety system SmartPlay, take a look at our free Q&A.
 advanced safety system

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