The Benefits of Grass Mats

If the outdoor area you are covering is a play or recreation area, there are many benefits of grass mats including acting as a great safety surfacing solution.


benefits of grass mats

With playgrounds suffering from the wear and tear of constant activities, it’s easy for the ground to become uneven and dangerous. One bad fall call lead to serious injury, but this is where artificial grass mats come in.


PlaySmart don’t just provide any grass mat though. Our unique solution is environmentally friendly and softer than other harder plastic surfaces. As a result, our installation of EcoSmart passes independent field tests time and again, meaning our solutions encourage fun and safety.


You can learn more about our safety surfacing products right here, including EcoSmart, SmartPlay, FireSmart and JungleMulch right here at PlaySmart UK. As well as our artificial grass mats which are great for indoor and outdoor use.

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