Winter Playground Surfacing Solution – Grass Mats

At PlaySmart UK, we’re often asked about what a winter playground surfacing solution could be. When the cold and dark mornings start to slowly set in, you know that winters really coming, with the thought of wet and windy days and the bare look of your garden, you could really do with something nice to look out on before you make that journey to work.

With the lawn being all wet and muddy it really doesn’t make a great sight, and getting that last mow in before the ground becomes damp is always a bit of a nightmare. However there is a winter playground surfacing solution.

Grass mats offer a great remedy to the horrible looking sight that is the garden in the winter. Grass mats solve the problem of the garden being trodden down into a muddy mess.

The innovative system is a rubberised mat that allows grass to grow through while adding support to the area. This means the pressure from any traffic on the grass is spread over the surface of the rubber mat and not just onto the grass and the ground itself, making for a more sturdy structure.
The mats also help if you have pets and children. They actually help to reduce the amount of warn down areas in the garden which not only makes your garden look less bare but it also means that if you have pets then there’s less cleaning when they come back in from toilet trips. As for children they can use the garden as a play area still without getting too dirty. The nature of the material used means the grass itself bounces back once trodden on much more than if the mats were not present giving a more plump and full look to the grass area.

Grass mats are not only great just for gardens but are often used in public play areas where the grass areas get a lot of abuse, in these areas obviously keeping the area as sturdy as possible to give the best footing is extremely important and eco smart helps keep that sure footing when you need it most.

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