SmartPlay – Advanced Safety Surfacing

The SmartPlay system from PlaySmart is an innovative XLPE foam matting designed specifically to increase CFH (Critical Fall Height), providing a safe environment for outdoor play and recreational areas.

SmartPlay was developed over a 2-year period, designed to be used with a range of safety surfacing systems. The new style of surfacing was rigorously tested in demanding conditions to make sure that it lived up to the quality and safety expectations that is so commonly associated with all of PlaySmart’s products.

SmartPlay is most often used in conjunction with either FireSmart or EcoSmart systems to gain the best combination for a safety surfacing solution. With all natural surfaces, changing ground conditions can affect the way in which surfacing’s can perform. The SmartPlay system is designed to eliminate as much variation in changing surfaces as possible. As well as this already unique feature, SmartPlay is also made with holes throughout the foam to allow for grass to grow through and leave as close to a natural finish as possible in the area that it is used.

The option is now available for customers to be able to use EcoSmart in conjunction with two different thickness SmartPlay systems, either the 25mm or 45mm which both give great CFH results for both concrete and grass compared to conventional matting systems.

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