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The Perfect Time for Playground Surfacing Solutions

With the winter months here and the garden cold, damp and wet the chances are your children won’t want to play outside. This is a great opportunity for you to implement some great, safe, playground surfacing solutions for when the colder months pass.

If your children often play out in the garden or even on a patio or hard surfaced area then you will understand that there are many risks and hazards about that can potentially harm your child. At PlaySmart we offer solutions to one of the greatest hazards of them all; falling. The safety surfaces we provide are all tested for CFH – Critical Fall Height, meaning you can be sure that the surface on which your children play is the safest place in the garden.

With different types of playground surfacing solutions available, you may wonder what it is you will need to buy for the type of surface you are covering or replacing. Of course giving us a call is always the best bet so that we can talk through your specific needs, however here is a quick overview of the two instances we have mentioned here.

Playground Surfacing Solutions for Grass Areas

For a lawn area, EcoSmart grass mats are a great eco-friendly safety solution that can be hidden beneath the grass due to the design allowing the grass to grow through and hide a certain amount of the matting. This option is available on its own as a rubber mat or as part of a system that we offer alongside our SmartPlay products. As a combination the SmartPlay is used in conjunction underneath the EcoSmart to offer even more protection with a better CFH. This is great for around climbing frames and play equipment giving a soft area around the equipment in case of any falls, trips or accidents.

Playground Surfacing Solutions for Hard Surfaces

When it comes to the harder surfaces that need to be made child safe; PlaySmart offer Jungle Mulch, a bonded rubber chipping surface available in a multitude of colours and thicknesses offering a greater CFH the thicker it gets. This option is used in a lot of park areas, playgrounds, public spaces, paths and embankments. Jungle Mulch is made out of recycled tyres meaning it is also another eco-friendly solution and because it is available in a range of colours, it can fit into any garden as either a natural looking surface or an obvious vibrant area of play for children.

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