Child Safety Week 2013

As an attempt to raise as much awareness as possible for child safety, ‘CAPT’ – Child Accident Prevention Trust, are running a Child Safety Week 2013 dedicated to the safety of children, highlighting how to prevent accidents that can seriously injure and even kill children.

Rather than disallowing children to do the things they love, the awareness programme instead teaches parents and carers how to allow them to do these fun things as well as every day actions whilst being as safe as possible through simply being aware of the dangers.

Events are run every year in different places such as children’s centres, schools, nurseries and community centres. CAPT support these events where possible to gain as much awareness as they can. Results from CAPT’s work has some very impressive results, one in ten parents report making their children safer from serious accidents and injury as a direct result of the child safety week, these results alone make the awareness program worthwhile.

A dedicated website is up and running for the child safety week where all information is available in more depth.

Each event is aimed to try and engage the audience and made as interesting as possible to tackle the most important issues.

Events have previously included:

  • Car seat checks
  • Pub quiz style games
  • First aid training
  • Safety games and play sessions

As much as we are sure the organisation would like to make the awareness program more than just the one week, unfortunately there are only so many hours in the day. A lot of the people involved have other jobs too so it is not their only focus. As well as this for parents, there is only so much time available.

Child safety week 2013 runs from Monday 23rd June to Sunday 30th June, it’s definitely a date for the calendar!

For more information on how to get involved with the event then please take a look at the official child safety week site.

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