Pool Safety Tips

Safety this summer is as important as ever. Pretty much everyone is getting excited at the thought of their yearly break and the thoughts of sun sea and sand, however it is important to keep sight of safety while enjoying yourself this summer. Considering the flooring around pools is important to minimise the risk of an incident occurring.

The pool is the hub of fun when on holiday so here are some basic tips for the poolside antics that will undoubtedly take place if you’re going away this year.

  • Only swim where there is a responsible adult on duty, preferably a lifeguard. Although this is one of the most common statements there is a reason for it. It is so important to have an adult present anyway and if anything is to go wrong a strong swimmer is always priceless when around water.
  • Don’t think that just because a pool is small that it is safe. My dad always used to say to me that you can drown in a puddle, and it is true, it only takes enough water to cover your mouth and nose and it all of a sudden becomes a threat.
  • Not only is it the water in the pool that can be the hazard but pipes and drainage areas can also pose a threat too. The openings can create danger in both the way of getting stuck or caught as well as cuts and scrapes. Although the latter isn’t as life threatening, it is still another area for concern while on holiday. The risk of infection while round a pool is always slightly higher and gets spread a lot easier via the wet tiles surrounding pools.
  • Running is an absolute no no when it comes to wet slippery surfaces. Let’s face it we have all been there, when you’re young and having fun, you just want to get back to the source of that fun as quickly as possible. Flooring around pools can be hard and also slippery – quite possibly one of the worst places to choose to do your running!
  • Although everybody is busy these days remember to keep an eye on your children at all times. If you need to pop to the hotel room, the pool bar or wherever it may be, make sure there is somebody responsible keeping an eye on your child. It takes a split second for an accident to happen, make sure that if it does happen that you are watching.
  • First aid kits should be part of your essential pool bag. As mentioned earlier, water and hard flooring do not mix well so be prepared for the eventuality of an accident.
  • Making sure the kids are aware of the depth of the pool is a great idea. If needs be, walk them around the pool and then through it while you are holding them. Find where they can safely stand up and swim and set that as the boundary for any pool activity.
  • When children get tired the danger around water goes through the roof. Don’t be afraid to let your children’s fun come to an end. It is better to be the party pooper than the parent having to nurse their child due to an accident. Regular time out should be exercised around the pool and they make for a great opportunity to top up sunscreen and fluids.

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