Technical Specs Explained

Here at PlaySmart we quite often refer to playground safety technical specs, abbreviations or figures when describing our products. We realise that not everyone will understand what these mean so have taken a moment to explain the most common ones that have been used.

A commonly used term around our site is ‘CFH’ – Critical Fall Height. This is the measurement of the maximum fall height from play equipment to the ground. When it comes to CFH, the higher the number the better the protection against injury.

Safety standard BS 7188 & BS EN 1177 may appear on the site in certain places. These are the recognised safety standards that are currently used for the testing of safety surfaces. These tests include, CFH (as described above), Slip resistance, Indentation, Durability and Flammability.

Safety standard BS 7044 is used around our site too and includes specifications that test such things as the durability and flammability of products. Our FireSmart product range has been tested to this standard, which self extinguishes within 60 seconds of ignition.

Another example where these safety standards are used is with our EcoSmart grass mats system which achieved a CFH of 2.9m and was tested to the standards of BS 7188 & BS EN 1177.

It is also worth noting that some of our products achieve a better CFH when used in conjunction with each other. For example our SmartPlay system is available in different thicknesses giving a better CFH the thicker the material. When these are then used in conjunction with our EcoSmart or FireSmart products, the CFH of these products is greatly increased.

For more information on playground safety technical specs, please contact us on: 01564 742811

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