How to Keep Your Children Active This Summer

There’s no doubt about it, children look forward to the summer holidays all year round, possibly just as much as they look forward to the Christmas break, but how do you keep your children active and prevent them from becoming hot summer couch potatoes?

  • Limit your childrens time watching TV. Give them set times and try and encourage exercise in these periods too. When the commercials come on get them to do as many star jumps as they can before their TV show comes on. If you have more than one child, make it a competition.
  • Children learn from you and will often do as you do. Encourage your children to take part in physical exercise along side you. Some of the best activities for this is something like a bike ride or a swim.
  • Giving your children some kind of time table is also a good idea, O.K they are on a holiday break so we don’t want it to be extremely strict or intense but planning some activities for them and creating times where you plan to do some outdoor exercise for a few hours shouldn’t be too bad and also give them something to look forward to if you plan some more fun activities.
  • With older children encourage more competitive sports such as football and rugby or netball and hockey tend to be quite popular for girls to keep your children active.
  • Encourage playing out with friends.
  • Keep a stash of sporting goods to hand so that your children always have something to do, it only needs a few tennis balls, a couple of rackets and a football or two to give them all they need to keep active, you can even throw in a skipping rope for good measure!
  • For younger children there are plenty of outdoor play centres too. They often use rubber mulch surfaces so they are safe and these kinds of play areas help to encourage your children to socialise with others too.

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