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What Makes Our Versatile Rubber Mulch Special

You have probably seen the term rubber mulch floating about our site quite a bit. Here is a little bit more detail about one of our best selling products, and what makes our versatile rubber mulch special.

Why our versatile rubber mulch is different

First of all, rubber mulch is a rubber safety surfacing, like many of our products, so what makes it different? Our versatile rubber mulch is made up of shredded rubber which comes from old car tires. Because this rubber is all recycled, it makes for an eco-friendly safety surfacing solution. As well as this, the material is a lot more natural looking than many other flooring solutions out there. Due to it being made from shredded rubber, our versatile rubber mulch looks similar to bark chippings commonly found in playground areas. It is also possible to choose a brown colour scheme which will look very similar to bark chippings.

Rubber mulch is available in many different colours. From natural schemes to more vibrant palettes for the livelier looking play area. Our bright colours aren’t prone to fading, due to the use of aliphatic binders and organic pigments. This adds to the eco-friendliness of the product.

A CFH (critical fall height) of 3.1m is achievable with a 140mm layer. Unlike natural alternatives, the rubber mulch is firmly stuck in place. This means that there are no bare patches (often seen under swings and at the foot of slides etc), great slip resistance and increased durability. As the surface stays in one place, it looks much tidier and provides a constant fall protection.

Our versatile rubber mulch isn’t just great for play areas – this product also makes for a great paving and pathway surface as well as any kind of recreational surface too.


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