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Environmentally Friendly Playground Products

It is possibly one of the most pressing subjects in recent years. Companies becoming as environmentally friendly as possible is extremely high on everyones agenda and pressure builds from all angles, including the need for environmentally friendly playground products. In some instances companies even get government grants the more environmentally friendly their products are. Looking after our planet which was here way before any of us is an area where, in PlaySmarts opinion, there should be an extreme level of concentration.

PlaySmart try to do their bit where possible, making sure that we design environmentally friendly playground products that can be made from recycled materials without losing any quality or benefits are made from them. Similarly we like to make sure that if and when our products are finished with, or have reached the end of their lifespan, they can then be again recycled to be reformed as something else equally as useful.

Many of the products available from PlaySmart use recycled rubbers and plastics in the manufacturing process with the majority of the rubber used coming from recycled car tires.

Products such as our Grass Mats and JungleMulch Rubber Chippings are great examples of products made from recycled materials which still give the best performance available.

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