How to Get Your Children to Play Outside

Children are becoming more and more intent on playing inside the house with video games and technology. So how do you get them to start playing outdoors when there is so much to keep them inside?

Turn off Technology

If needs be then turn off the technology that is keeping your children inside. Even unplugging it if really necessary. This means that you shouldn’t let them go outdoors with their gadgets too, draw the line at the good old-fashioned toys like teddies and action figures etc. Have a set allocation of time per day that is set aside for their indoor gadgets and indoor play. This will also help them to realise that playtime can be fun without constant use of consumer electronics!

Enforce an Outdoor Rule

If you say that your child is to play outside, then you need to enforce it. Don’t let hissy fits and tantrums sway your decision. Time outside is time well spent and shouldn’t be missed wherever you can help it. One good way of getting your children to play outdoors is by allowing them to go round to a friend’s house to play. If you talk with their friends parents and arrange for an outdoor playtime period they are much more likely to enjoy it if with a friend.

Practice What You Preach

Join in with your childrens’ playtime. If they are alone then explore the outdoors together, get them to take pictures of bugs and insects or flowers. Engage your with your children and they will look forward to their outdoor playtime. The one thing that rally wont encourage them is if you play on all of the gadgets and sit watching TV while your children play outside. Lead by example.

Regular Occurrence

Let your children know that this is going to be happening regularly and to essentially get used to it! Even when the weather is cold or snowy, it can be just as fun… Make sure to wrap them up as much as possible and the outdoor times are just as fun whatever the weather! Our safety surfaces like our grass mats not only help to keep the ground your children play on a lot safer, but they also help to keep the integrity of the lawn intact too during damper, colder months.  Why not drop us a note for more information on our EcoSmart safety grass mats.

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