Children & the Upcoming Winter

The cold weather has finally set in. The sun seems like a distant memory and bitter cold mornings are practically round the corner. So with the cold weather looming, what can you do to protect your children from the cold and any harm that it may cause? Wind and waterproof clothing is ideal in winter weather in case of rain, snow and of course chilling winds. If your children get wet then the cold weather means that they wont dry off very quickly, the damp clothing then makes the body temperature drop rapidly meaning they are more susceptible to catching colds. Wrap your children up to be nice and warm, but don’t make them uncomfortable. Clothing that is too tight is extremely uncomfortable and if ties on clothing are done up past a certain point then cutting off circulation can become a risk. Just tight enough to be snug is all it needs to keep the heat in. When going out in the car, make sure that you have a safety kit at all times. Snow can come down and settle extremely quickly and in the UK the past few winters have been perfect examples of this. A safety kit should include warm blankets, a torch with spare batteries, first aid kit, a knife, non perishable food, water proof matches, sand and shovel for tire traction, tow rope, window scraper and some jump leads. Spare clothes for both yourself and your children are also a good idea. Make sure your children are eating healthily. Feeding your children highly nutritious foods means that they are able to fight off germs and colds much more easily. Hot drinks are great too when they come in out of the cold to help them warm up quickly. Extra gloves and two pairs of socks will help keep the extremities as warm as possible. However if hands and feet do still get chilly, teach your children not to try and warm their hands up to quickly due to the risk of chilblains. As the colder months set in and the ground starts to freeze play areas and lawns become a real concern. Garden areas will start to be similar in hardness to concrete and will make for a bad fall, as well as this concrete areas will become slippery. Playgrounds and play areas with rubber safety surfacing such as rubber mulch are favourable in these conditions however still need to be approached with caution!

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