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Adult Playgrounds Getting Bigger

Who says jungle gyms are only meant for children? Adults need some playtime too. Designers are incorporating these grown-up jungle gyms into architecture and public spaces, offering the on-the-go consumer the opportunity to let loose and forget about everyday nuisances.

Today’s consumer isn’t afraid to get in touch with his inner child, and with the fast-paced and hectic world in which we live, accessible adult-oriented playgrounds may be just what it takes to relieve stress. Adult playgrounds are popping up all over the world, including the UK.

Playground Boom

A growing number of cities and parks across the world are praising the health, wellness, and social benefits of adult playgrounds. The playgrounds are springing up in areas with high obesity rates, high rates of cardiovascular disease, and a need to get people active. One of the biggest barriers to keeping fit is the high costs of gym memberships or personal equipment. Adult playgrounds directly tackle that issue head-on.

Adult Playground Bond

Adult playgrounds are rather different from children’s ones as they emphasise fitness along with fun. They have an area set aside for activity using equipment such as rowing machines, chin-up bars, and weights along with playground safety surfaces. The goal of these playgrounds is to help adults stay active by getting the recommended 30 minutes a day. The movement is truly innovative because adults and children can spend time at the park together whilst exercising and having fun.

Public Demand

Take Los Angeles for example, they have built over 40 of these adult playgrounds thus far and as more funds become available from health organisation bodies, these will continue to expand abroad. A typical started playground costs roughly £47,000 for about 14 pieces of equipment that can be placed anywhere ranging from large acreage parks to an urban playground.

Expansion of Existing Leisure Complex’

The equipment can be used in conjunction with existing facilities such as pools, trails, courts, football fields – or as a standalone park. If it added onto an existing place you already know, then you will feel more comfortable in letting yourself go wild. Adult playgrounds have also become a popular place in restaurants and even some nightclubs, although few in number.

Adult Playground Future

There is no reason as to why this could become successful because every adult has a longing to be like a kid again. Most of us dread being stuck indoors at the gym. When physical activity is both fun and enjoyable, it is viewed in an entirely different light as it no longer feels like a chore. If you look back to your childhood and remember just running everywhere because you wanted to get the most out of your day. Adult playgrounds can bring that back. To top it off, these parks are free and everyone can benefit from them. However, if you do not have an adult playground in your neighbourhood, then consider proposing it to your local council or perhaps start up ‘’play-dates’’ to go on a running trail. But remember, it’s important to have FUN!

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