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2016 – The Year for Grass Mats

Studies show that the second weekend in January is when most New Year’s resolutions are typically broken.  So with that difficult threshold passed, now’s a great time to focus on everything we still want to achieve in 2016! You might be returning to work and thinking of giving your playground a much-needed face-lift. Perhaps you’re in the midst of planning an exciting, brand-new play area. Either way, when it comes to finding the right surface for your project, the choice of surfacing options can be a little overwhelming. An excellent place to start however, is with one of the industry’s tried and tested solutions: grass mats.

recycled grass mats by PlaySmart UK
PlaySmart’s Eco Smart Grass Mats

Why choose recycled grass mats?

Today’s lightweight, eco-friendly, rubberised mats have the advantage of providing a safe play area, without harshly impacting the environment or (most importantly) your wallet! By incorporating cellular holes into their design, they allow grass to grow through from underneath. This also allows rain to harmlessly drain away without collecting on the surface. This design helps your playground maintain a more natural look than those using mulch or wet-pour solutions, and is a great, environmentally friendly option. PlaySmart’s own ‘Eco Smart’ recycled grass mats boast some terrific protection from trips, bumps and falls. They also feature 10-year guarantees; making them an excellent long-term, value for money solution.

recycled grass mats by PlaySmart UK
Grass mats by PlaySmark UK

Do get in touch with us if you have any sites you’d like advice on surfacing this year. In the meantime, we wish you all a happy and prosperous 2016!   – PlaySmart UK. For more information about our own rubber grass mats, why not take a look at our free industry guide? To download, follow this link.