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Eco-friendly, Green Grass Mats

Grass mats are environmentally friendly for a number of reasons.

  • Firstly, our EcoSmart grass mats are made from a blend of both natural and recycled rubber tyres. As tyres are a non-bio degradable material, they can take up masses of landfill space. In fact, every year in Kuwait City’s Sulaibiya area, gigantic holes are dug expressly to be filled with old tyres. There are now over seven million old tyres in the ground and the giant craters they’ve made in the earth are visible from space! But materials from properly recycled tyres have a variety of uses, including safety surfacing like rubber grass mats
  • Secondly, no ground works are required for the installation of grass mats; therefore no plant machinery is required. The installation process uses no adhesives or toxic substances and the mats don’t rot or leak toxins into the ground
  • Finally, the holes in grass mats allow grass to grow through them, leaving the landscape free to continue attracting wildlife

green grass mats playsmart 

Are all grass mats good?

No, they’re not!


There are inferior products in any industry, and grass mats are no exception. Cheaper alternatives are often made using less rubber as this reduces the cost of production. A cheaply made mat will have larger holes in it and the nipples on the back will be longer. They’ll also weigh less at around 11kg each, rather than a quality grass mat, which will weigh between 13-14kg.


Rubber grass mats shouldn’t be compared with PVC matting, which is much cheaper to manufacture and has various disadvantages. Most issues arise as a result of them being recommended as a safety surface, when in fact they have a much harder finish with less absorption than rubber. This has proven to cause cuts and grazes in the event of slips and falls – making it a far from ideal safety surface!


green grass mats playsmart

Are green grass mats still a good choice?

Yes, green grass mats are a great choice.


But equally important to choosing a quality grass mat is ensuring the surface is installed correctly. Grass mats should be installed onto a good grass base and in accordance to the testing methods of the certificate provided by the supplier.


Always ask your installer to provide you with their installation specification and ensure the product is installed in accordance with it. Ask:

  • How may pegs and ties will be used?
  • How will the edge of the surface be recessed?
  • Will ground stabilising mesh be used?

Choosing a quality grass mat product along with a quality installation will ensure longevity of your surface; making green grass mats the perfect choice for a cost effective, natural-looking play area.  If you’re looking for a reputable supplier of great quality grass mats, then get in touch with our team here at PlaySmart!

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