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Playground Surfacing – Technical Terms Explained

When choosing playground surfacing for your project, you’ll often see abbreviations or acronyms used to describe products. Unless you work in the industry, you might not be aware of what these mean. So we thought we’d take a moment to explain the most common playground surfacing terminology that gets used.playground surfacing terminology

Playground Surfacing Terminology

One of the most commonly used abbreviations is ‘CFH’, which stands for Critical Fall Height. This is the measurement of the maximum fall height from play equipment to the ground. When it comes to CFH, the higher the number, the better the protection against injury.

Safety standards BS 7188 & BS EN 1177 are talked about frequently in relation to products. These are the recognised safety standards that are currently used for the testing of safety surfaces. These tests include CFH (as described above), Slip resistance, Indentation, Durability and Flammability.

Safety standard BS 7044 is often referred to as well and includes specifications that elements like the durability and flammability of products. So for example, our FireSmart product range has been tested to this standard, which self-extinguishes within 60 seconds of ignition.

playground surfacing terminology

It’s also worth noting that some products can achieve a better CFH when used in conjunction with each other. We use our own SmartPlay system, which can be laid under products like EcoSmart, FireSmart and ActiveSmart. The different thicknesses of SmartPlay ensure that that CFH of these products is maximised for their installation.

If you have an upcoming project you’d like to discuss or need information on playground surfacing options, get in touch with the team here at PlaySmart!

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We’ve even produced a handy guide on grass mats as an eco-friendly, playground surfacing option. It’s completely free and you can download it here.

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