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Our Eco-Friendly, Outdoor Flooring Solution

If you’re preparing for a big landscaping project, or perhaps refreshing existing outdoor flooring, you may require an eco-friendly solution for your plants and tree pits.

Outdoor flooring solution by playsmart

Rubber mulch solutions are great for use in spots surrounding tree and plants, as they act as a weed suppressant, accommodate tree and plant growth, and are still water permeable.

Here at PlaySmart, our own mulch blend, JungleMulch, offers a number of unique additional benefits.

As JungleMulch is coloured, the surfacing blends into landscaped areas perfectly, resulting in a natural looking finish that’s low maintenance and long lasting.

The colours stay vibrant because of their organic pigment, and its non-toxic, anti-fungal properties lend themselves perfectly to being used around planting and in tree pits.

Outdoor flooring solution by playsmart

If you’d like to order a colour swatch of the JungleMulch range, or would like to discuss an upcoming project – feel free to get in touch with the staff here at PlaySmart.

You can contact us directly be phone on 01564 742 811 or via the contact page.
We’ve even produced a handy guide on grass mats as another eco-friendly, outdoor flooring option. It’s completely free and you can download it here.


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