Pokéstop Playground Flooring at Lickey Hills

With the recent heatwave dividing the nation between bronzed sun-lovers and those just desperate for a downpour, not everyone is keen to rush outdoors and bask in the sweltering summer weather.

But rain or shine, there’s one group of dedicated individuals who’ll be heading outside today no matter what, and that’s Pokémon GO players!

Yes, GO players across the country will be enthusiastically exploring the outdoors on their quest to catch ‘em all!

Of course, every self-respecting trainer needs Pokéballs to nab the critters with; so here at PlaySmart we were thrilled when we heard that one of our grass mat installations had been designated as a local Pokéstop!

grass mat installations

The grass mat installation at Lickey Hills was designed to protect the area around the imitation Stone Henge-esque boulders, while still allowing for growth of the flora underneath.

Now, budding trainers can enjoy the beautifully finished play site, while topping up their supply of Pokéballs, potions and razzberries too!

Who knows, the installation might even attract a few rare Rock-types! Although knowing our luck, it’ll just get swarmed with Zubats…

If you’d like to chat with our experienced team about a playground flooring solution for your site (or perhaps just want to compare Pokédexes), get in touch with the trainers here at PlaySmart!

You can reach us via the contact page, or call us directly on 01564 742811

Stay safe, and best of luck out there Pokéfans!

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