GaLaBau 2018 – Introducing SmartPlay to Europe


We’ve recently returned from GaLaBau, the leading European trade fair for landscaping, maintenance and construction of urban and green spaces, sports grounds, golf courses and playgrounds. As well as catching up on the latest industry news and meeting others from across Europe who shared our passion of safe playgrounds, we also got to exhibit our newly patented SmartPlay shock pad system.

smartplay shock pad

What is the SmartPlay shock pad system?

For those of you who don’t know, SmartPlay is a shock pad exclusive to PlaySmart that can be used with grass mats to offer an enhanced safety surfacing system for natural play environments. Our SmartPlay system has been patented for exclusive use in the UK and parts of Europe.

Using the SmartPlay system helps to standardise ground conditions and offers consistent fall height protect all year round, rain or shine. Although initially designed to enhance the safety, SmartPlay also provides other benefits, such as stopping grass mats from sinking, increases grass growth and makes replacement of mats easier should they be damaged.

Many of the experts that we met with at GaLaBau spoke about how grass mats were a great option for playground flooring, however, had concerns about them ripping, sinking of the effectiveness of them on areas with ground undulations. Many people mentioned the ‘3m’ CFH and how unrealistic it seemed with poor ground conditions. Once introduced to SmartPlay, they were relieved to find out that a cost-effective solution exists in the market.

Further information on SmartPlay and our other product range

For more information on SmartPlay and our other product range, why not take a look at our brand new brochure? To download, please click below.
playground surfacing brochure

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