Caring for Grass Mats and Mulch – Maintaining your Play Surfaces

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Installing safety surfacing (like grass mats or rubber mulch) on your property or playground is a great way to protect against slips, trips and falls. But like any quality product, it’s important to take good care of your surface. Not only does this increase its longevity, but it also maximises your initial investment. What should you consider […]

An Environmentally Friendly Solution To Playground Safety

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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. The world has thankfully become much more proactive over the past decade in the quest to maintain the earth for future generations. The playground industry is no different, making great strides forward to ensure that the carbon footprint of playgrounds […]

Should More Councils Be Embracing Adult Playgrounds?

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Adult playgrounds are not filled with slides and swings for grown-ups to have fun in, but are actually recreational spaces featuring equipment chin-up bars and racks for sit-ups etc that allow adults to exercise. This blog explains why PlaySmart believes councils should be embracing this idea to fight the obesity epidemic by providing easily-accessible environments […]

Providing The Safety Solution For A Birmingham Care Home

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Willowbrook Care Home in Birmingham is a care home specialising in the continuing healthcare management of people with advanced dementia or mental disorder. Willowbrook had used PlaySmart previously for surfacing and were now looking for an alternative surface to the existing stone slab pathway that offered protection to the residents should they suffer a fall, […]