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PlaySmart supply and fit superior playground surfacing

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PlaySmart supply and fit superior playground flooring and pathways for recreation areas.

Whether you want to stimulate the imagination through colour and pattern or blend in with the background we have the playground flooring surfaces for you. With safety and environmental concerns always at the forefront of our mind we are continually developing and sourcing innovative products to (literally) cover all eventualities!



wetpour playground design

Why Choose Playsmart?

We want all our customers to be satisfied that’s why we only manufacture, supply and install the highest quality grass mats, wet pour, rubber mulch and artificial grass. We deliver our products from start to completion with a friendly, reliable and customer focused service.


Surface Options

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EcoSmart is a high-quality rubber grass mat for playgrounds and recreational areas from PlaySmart, the market leader in safety surfacing. Made from recycled rubber, our mats provide a softer landing than safety tiles with a harsh plastic finish. EcoSmart is available with a 10-year product and a 5-year installation guarantee, as well as trademarked installation specification. By choosing EcoSmart, you’ll be choosing an environmentally friendly surfacing solution that is safe, durable and cost-effective.

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Superior fire retardant grass mat, FireSmart has become the industry standard for fire retardant surfacing and has established PlaySmart as the market leader in grass matting. Made from rubber, our mats provide a softer landing than safety tiles with a harsh plastic finish. With our trademarked installation specification, 10-year product and 5-year installation guarantees, by specifying FireSmart, you’ll be choosing an environmentally friendly surfacing solution that is safe, durable and cost-effective.

rubber mulch


Proven in the US for many years, JungleMulch rubber mulch is now available in the UK exclusively through PlaySmart. Made from shredded recycled tyres, meaning it is environmentally friendly, it is a water permeable safety surface with the look of natural bark. Rubber Mulch is available in a range of vibrant colour blends that stay bright because of our unique organic colouring process. Suitable for many uses, JungleMulch can remove the costly ground works typically associated with wet pour and is a cost-effective alternative to loose fill, being more durable with less maintenance required.

rubbasmart wetpour
wetpour playground design


Wet pour is the classic safety surfacing solution for play areas and RubbaSmart from PlaySmart is a high-quality wet pour solution. Available in a range of colours, thicknesses and designs, it is mixed on site and wet poured in place to give a durable, low maintenance play surface. PlaySmart are happy to support you from design and layout to installation and aftercare.

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The SmartPlay system was primarily created to improve safety when using rubber grass mats for fall height protection. It does this by removing client concerns around using grass mats in varying ground conditions and weathers. However, it also reduces maintenance and improves the look of your area by stopping the mats sinking and encouraging grass growth in action areas.

artificial grass


Artificial grass has a whole host of benefits, however the main reason people choose it is because it looks perfect all year round! In some cases, synthetic grass can last over 10 years before needing replacement – that’s a lot of maintenance, watering and mowing time saved! Our grass is guaranteed to last at least 8 years.

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FlexCourt is a global leader in high-performance modular sport surfaces. Their mission of helping people create lasting memories indoor, outdoor, at home and in the community is one we can certainly get on-board with. With custom designs available and little to no maintenance, their product is the right choice for many different types of customers. PlaySmart have become the sole distributor for FlexCourt within the UK.


At PlaySmart UK, we pride ourselves on our customer care and after sales service. It is a massive part of our company ethos and we are passionately committed to ensuring the delivery of your project to the highest possible standard. We offer a ’No Quibble Guarantee’ to get things absolutely right, so as long as you do your bit to ensure the products are looked after, we will happily put them right if there is a problem

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