How to Clean Wet Pour & Rubber Mulch

We are often asked by clients how to clean wetpour and maintain their existing safety surfacing. Both RubbaSmart wetpour and JungleMulch rubber surfacing are a low maintenance product, however, there are things you can do to keep it looking good and extend the life span of your playground flooring.

As with any surface, we advise clients to inspect them regularly to check for any foreign objects and damage – when addressed quickly, these problems can be put right without becoming more severe.

The key thing to remember is that both RubbaSmart wet pour and JungleMulch are water permeable, so when installed on a good free draining base, it should allow water to drain away from the surface. To clean wetpour, we would recommend sweeping regularly to remove debris, grime and moss. Occasional low-pressure washing with warm water can help wash dirt through to the base and away from the surface.

Localised issues such as oil and chewing gum should be addressed immediately, being very careful to avoid further damage. If water based paint is spilled on to the surface, a solution of water and washing up liquid can be used to address this.

clean wetpour
A recently cleaned wetpour area
wetpour playground design

With JungleMulch, as the surface has an open texture, grass and plant seeds can be dropped into the surface by passing birds. Any that sprout should be pulled from the surface by hand before they fully take root.

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