Smart Play Safety Surfacing

The innovative SmartPlay shock pad can be combined with EcoSmart or FireSmart rubber grass mats offering an enhanced safety surfacing system for natural play environments.

shockpad for play surface

PlaySmart have always worked with our clients to develop safety surfacing solutions which solve their concerns. As one of the UK’s most respected safety surfacing specialists, we have developed the patented SmartPlay system (Patent no: 2794257).

Launched after rigorous testing in demanding conditions, the system introduces a perforated shock pad layer, to be used in conjunction with our market-leading matting products, FireSmart or EcoSmart.

The SmartPlay system was primarily created to improve safety when using rubber grass mats for fall height protection. It does this by removing client concerns around using grass mats in varying ground conditions and weathers. However, it also reduces maintenance and improves the look of your area by stopping the mats sinking and encouraging grass growth in action areas.


SmartPlay can be used anywhere where you are using grass matting. That could be in a play area where you want to increase fall height protection or in any area you wish to reduce grass matting maintenance in terms of mats sinking. SmartPlay is also ideal for use in areas where the grass is currently being eroded.

More Information
For more information, please download our brochure or visit our projects gallery. Alternatively, please contact us for samples or prices. If you’re interested in using SmartPlay alongside either of our rubber grass matting products, EcoSmart or FireSmart, why not take a look at our grass matting guide?


PlaySmart have always led the way with safety and recommend the use of single rubber grass mats up to 2m Critical Fall Height. Above this point, we recommend the use of the SmartPlay system.

The system can also be used to enhance the safety of our rubber grass matting products; EcoSmart and FireSmart.