Natural Play Area Surfaces – Rubber Mulch

JungleMulch can be the perfect natural play area surface solution for play areas looking to keep a natural feel that is sympathetic to the surroundings.

In this recently completed site, the organic colours of JungleMulch perfectly complement the natural wooden equipment it surrounds while protecting against falls from some very impressive, tall equipment. Rubber mulch is available in a variety of vibrant or more natural colours to match the aesthetic of any play area.

Natural play area surfaces need to consider how adjoining vegetation like grass and trees can thrive alongside it. In this project, the trees were retained to give a wooded canopy to the area which gives real impact. This works particularly well with a water-permeable mulch product like JungleMulch. In this material the rubber shreds flex to accommodate root movement – ideal for tree pits or planted landscaping.

There are many ways that we can install JungleMulch to complement natural vegetation. For some examples, check out the image gallery below:

If you’d like a price of JungleMulch installed for your next project, please feel free to get in touch! You can reach our experienced team directly on 01564 742 811.

Alternatively, why not take a look at our new guide? The guide features JungleMulch as well as our other natural play area surfaces. Click below to find out more!

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