How to Repair Gaps in Wet Pour

Our clients often ask us how to repair cracks and gaps in wet pour surfacing. PlaySmart UK is well equipped to offer play surface repairs for a range of safety flooring. Our team has years of experience in extending the life-span of surfaces across the country.

Edge of wetpour rubber surfacing shrinking away from edge

With age, wet pour surfaces can shrink away from the sides. The process is particularly common in the UK. This is because UK surfaces are put through their paces with a variety of temperatures and weather conditions.

Purple EPDM rubber edge strip to protect receding wet pour rubber

PlaySmart’s team helps maintain the integrity of wet pour surfaces with EPDM edge strips and patches. The higher tensile strength of virgin rubber EPDM remains secure and safe for longer. Additionally, if completed in a contrasting colour, this can bring new life to an area while removing any trip edges.

Our installation team applies the rubber mulch is installed along the edges of a surface and over any gaps in wet pour that have emerged. This covers weaknesses in the surface and prevents water from entering cracks and widening them over time.

If you’d like advice on the best method to extend the life of your play surface, please feel free to get in touch! You can reach our experienced team directly on 01564 742 811.

Also, why not take a look at our guide? It features plenty of information about wet pour surfacing, as well as our other flooring options. Simply click the image below to download your free copy!

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2 thoughts on “How to Repair Gaps in Wet Pour

  1. We have some wet pour surfacing in our nursery that has shrunk away from the sides. We would like a quote for filling it if possible please. We can photograph and send measurements if that would save a visit.

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for getting in touch. I have passed your request on to Jake who will contact you soon! If you have photos and measurements of the area that would come in handy for sure ~Jasmine

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