What are the options for running track surfaces?

With summer finally here, most of us are swapping indoor sports halls for the great outdoors when it comes to school sport. The summer term also sees many schools host a sports day with fun activities from track and field events to the good old egg and spoon race. As providers of safety flooring, we’re often asked what we’d recommend using for running track surfaces.

Why install a running track at a school?

Running is proven to not only help children’s physical health but also have positive impacts on their emotional and social well-being.

The Daily Mile is an example of an initiative designed to help children get into running. School teacher Elaine Wyllie introduced the idea back in 2012 after wanting her pupils to improve their fitness and concentration levels. Elaine’s project was such a success that it has now be rolled out to schools across the country.

Although initiatives such as The Daily Mile don’t require a running track, installing one helps to add a bit more fun! Plus, running tracks can be used in any weather condition, helping to make sure children are active throughout the year – come rain or shine.

What is a running track surface made of?

An all-weather running track can be made from a variety of surfaces. As a piece of equipment that is regularly used for a range of different applications, it’s important to make sure the running track surface is durable and can withstand all weather conditions to increase the longevity of the product.

At PlaySmart, we tend to suggest using either ActiveSmart or JungleMulch.


ActiveSmart is our innovative system that includes a variety of artificial grasses, carpets and sports surfaces installed onto a variety of substrates. ActiveSmart stays vibrant for longer and isn’t prone to wear and tear like some competitor products.

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JungleMulch is our original bonded rubber mulch that makes a brilliant outdoor running track surface. Our bonded mulch can be installed in a range of colours to give any running track the WOW factor.

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Can I use my Sports Premium on running track surfaces?

In the UK, most primary schools will receive a PE and sports premium every year. This premium is a government initiative that was created with the goal of increasing and improving sporting opportunities for children. The sports premium must be spent on sustainable improvements to the quality of PE – hence it is fine to use the premium to install running tracks.

For more information about running track surfaces – why not take a look at our ‘How to choose a surface guide’? The guide features technical information about JungleMulch and ActiveSmart, as well as our other products. To download – click below!

Alternatively, feel free to call us on 01564 742811.

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  1. I need a quote for a running track around the outside of the playground. Are you able to tell me how much per metre some options might be?

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