Our Playground Flooring innovation, SmartPlay, Has Been Patented!

We at PlaySmart are proud to share the news that our SmartPlay safety system has been patented for use in the UK and parts of Europe. PlaySmart designed SmartPlay to provide enhanced safety with exclusive playground flooring innovation. Because of the smart design, we can install SmartPlay alongside our popular EcoSmart and FireSmart grass mats.

Creating SmartPlay – Playground Flooring Innovation in Action

Initially, we created SmartPlay to improve safety when using rubber grass mats for fall height protection. The absorbent shock pads help to eliminate concerns about the safety of grass mats in ground conditions and weather.

In addition to providing that ‘added layer of safety’, SmartPlay reduces maintenance and improves the look of a playground. Also, Smartplay helps to alleviate grass mat sinking by providing extra ground security.

Anthony, Managing Director at PlaySmart UK, shared his thoughts on our playground flooring innovation patent…

After all our hard work over recent years, I am excited to announce our newly awarded patent for the SmartPlay system. With the patent also extending to France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and Belgium, it gives us a foundation to, not only grow as a business, but to also create new opportunities to move PlaySmart’s safety surfacing into Europe.

PlaySmart has always prided itself on its innovative and forward thinking approach to safety surfacing solutions and now with our exclusive UK and European patent we feel that SmartPlay will really help us cement our position as a leader in the UK playground market.

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