The impact of weather on installations

Everyone is going crazy about the #hottestdayonrecord (or at least #hottestdayoftheyear). As a result, we thought we would take a moment to discuss how the weather impact on our playground surfacing installations.

When it’s hot:

When it hits 30 degrees, our mulch and wetpour products can’t be laid. The heat will keep the glue too sticky and therefore the mulch won’t set properly. Also, the UV-protection qualities of the glue will be negatively affected by extreme heat. This will cause the glue to dry a yellow colour instead of clear.

Although the heat won’t specifically impact the installation of our matting products, they are large, heavy objects and require a lot of energy to put in place. This means our installations team will start to struggle when the weather heats up. However, generally they’ll be okay up to temperatures of around 30 degrees

When it’s cold:

While we may not want to think about cold weather right now, our mulch products also struggle at temperatures below 4 degrees. This is because the air will be too cold, and the glue may start to freeze, making it incredibly difficult to spread.

Laying our grass mats in the cold isn’t too much of an issue though. As long as there isn’t too much snow on the ground! Tying cable ties with cold fingers can be very difficult and time consuming though.

When it’s wet:

There’s not a chance that an article about the British weather could go without at least one mention of rain! When it’s wet, we struggle to lay our mulch because the water will mix with glue, diluting it and causing it to bubble. This means it will not set as it should, and it will take longer to set. This will impact the warranty of the product, which is not ideal.

The good news though is that grass mats CAN be installed in the rain! (As long as the ground isn’t too muddy, undulating or in bad condition due to the wet weather). The process just may take a little longer than usual.

How our Team Deals with Weather Impact in our Installations

Whatever the weather, we always update you and your customers with how our installations team are doing. We want to make sure your project is perfect every time. We do our best to make sure the weather has as little an impact as possible. However sometimes we may have to delay projects due to the weather or return at a later date to complete the installation. In these instances we will always work with you to make sure you are happy with this and to determine what works best.

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