FireSmart vs EcoSmart

FireSmart vs EcoSmart… What’s the difference between these two grass mat safety surfaces, and which is better?

What is FireSmart?

FireSmart safety surfacing is the original and best fire-retardant grass mat in the UK. PlaySmart uses recycled rubber in their manufacturer liek with EcoSmart. However, they are heavier duty because they have been treated for fire resistance.

firesmart grass mat safety surfacing

What is EcoSmart?

EcoSmart safety surfacing is the environmentally friendly choice for grass mats. PlaySmart chooses recycled rubber materials because this is very durable, long-lasting and also promotes sustainability. Additionally, the structure of the mats allow the grass to grow through for natural play.

ecosmart grass mat safety surfacing

Why choose FireSmart?

FireSmart grass mats extinguish within 90 seconds, making them ideal for fire-risk areas of playgrounds with timber equipment. Like EcoSmart, they can be laid directly onto existing soil/grass surfaces to reduce costs. Due to their heavy-duty nature, they are also suitable for vandal-risk areas.

firesmart grass mat safety surfacing

Why choose EcoSmart?

EcoSmart grass mats have a long lifespan and offer a low maintenance option for your play area. They are suitable for areas prone to becoming wet/muddy and are perfect for playgrounds where a natural look is required. EcoSmart is budget friendly and can be used in projects such as outdoor gyms, children’s play areas and under high wear areas such as footpaths.

Grass mats underneath playground equipment

So, which is better?

Both options offer extremely high value for money, especially considering their 10-year product guarantee. However due to the superior, fire retardant nature of FireSmart grass mats, they are the better product. At PlaySmart, we understand that not every budget can accommodate for these heavy-duty mats, so if you’re in need of a more budget-friendly option we would always recommend EcoSmart.

Whichever of our grass mat safety surfaces you choose to go with, we hope this post helped you understand the difference between them.

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