What Influences Prices?

There are a number of factors that influence the surfacing costs of a project. The information we require gives our sales team the tools they need to give a quote that accurately reflects your project’s requirements. This information is something we ask every customer, for every development project. This ensures every quote is personalised to the specific needs for your site.

In our opinion there are 5 key things that will influence cost – the product chosen, area size, location of the project, CFH requirements and whether you’ve chosen supply only or supply & installation. We’ll go into each of these five areas below.

1. Product

The most obvious factor that influences cost is the product you choose to purchase. Our product range is wide: from grass mats to wet pour and shock pad to artificial grass. We have a of options available to you. All our playground flooring products are made from high quality materials. Therefore, we can ensure the safety of your playground or recreational area is not compromised.

2. Area size

How big (or small) the area is you’re wanting to cover with safety surfacing has huge impact on surfacing costs. The bigger the area, the more material that will be required. However, when it comes to supply only orders though, we have a minimum order quantity for some products. But if you are ordering in large quantities we can offer discounts. Get in touch with our presales team to get a Free Quick Quote and custom pricing guide.

3. Location

Local installations are always going to cost less. This is because there’s less travel and we won’t usually have to stay overnight to complete the project. Projects further afield though will have a travel factor built in based on their location. Our delivery company has a wide range of prices, which are all dependent on location, meaning supply only orders are impacted by the area we’re delivering the product to.

4. Any Critical Fall Height requirements?

smartplay shock pad

Critical Fall Height is of paramount importance when it comes to playground safety surfacing. Any installed equipment needs a surface below it to accommodate for slips, trips and falls from height. CFH will influence the product best suited to your project and may impact groundworks.

For example, for higher fall heights you may require a deeper depth of surfacing, meaning more material and sometimes a requirement for groundworks to be carried out prior to installation.

5. Supply only or supply & installation

The final key area that influences surfacing costs is whether or not you choose supply only or supply and installation. For supply and installation jobs, we include the cost of our labour, travel and occasionally overnights within your quote.

With supply only, you would need to install the product yourself, relying on your own team or outsourcing to a third party that may not have the knowledge or experience to install the product to as high a standard as our teams.

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We hope you’ve found this blog post on the factors that influence surfacing costs to be insightful. We will ask every customer, every time, questions related to the 5 aforementioned categories. This ensures our quotes are as accurate as they can be, and reflect the specific requirements of your project. We personalise your quote because we understand every project is different.

If you’d like a quote, email us at info@playsmartuk.co.uk , call us any time 9 to 5, Monday to Friday on 01564 742811 or click here to head to our Quick Quote page.

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