What is wet pour?

Wet pour is a rubber surface that provides a high-quality, hard-wearing, slip-resistant surface. Additionally, with our professional installation, the surface is ultra-durable and requires little to no maintenance.

How Do We Make It?

Manufacturers make this surface material by mixing together rubber EPDM granules with polyurethane glue binder. Then, our installation team mixes this together on site to lay the rubber wet onto the play area. Therefore, gaining it the name “wet pour”.

Where Can We Install It?

We install wet pour in various thicknesses dependant on the requirements of any play equipment in the area. This equipment may require different fall heights, so groundwork must be undertaken in order to prepare for the specific area.

How you can Benefit from RubbaSmart?

PlaySmart’s brand, better known as RubbaSmart, has a range of 20 different colours – including everything from green to egg shell to pink, dependent on the design you want.

rubbasmart EPDM rubber wet pour colour options

The key benefit of wet pour is that it’s very easy to create complex designs, patterns and shapes, helping spark the imagination of any children using the play area. RubbaSmart complies with BS EN 1177 and is certified for various Critical Fall Heights.

wetpour playground design

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  1. Really informative read Jasmine! Like you said, wet pour is a great choice for playground surfaces. I feel another benefit of wet pour is that it is suitable for almost all weather conditions. It can easily withstand heavy rain, snow and even heat.

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