Problems with grass mats

Grass mats are a fantastic solution and an excellent surfacing choice for many customers. However grass mats aren’t for everyone, and if you choose a low-quality product, you may find there can be problems with grass mats.

In our opinion, there are five key problems with grass mats;

1. Sinking

Low quality grass mats can sink in poor ground conditions. This causes puddling in wet weather and a major trip hazard if left without repair.

problems with grass mats

2. Mats coming apart

If the grass mats have been installed poorly or incorrectly, they are likely to come apart over time, or may even separate from regular use. These mats have been installed incorrectly. Therefore, they could cause trip hazards due to the gaps.

Poorly installed grass mats coming apart
Poorly installed grass mats coming apart

3. They could be ripped or damaged by vandalism

Lower quality grass mats are lighter and therefore may rip apart easier. This makes damage to the mats easier. Either by accident, or on purpose through vandalism.

4. Some are bulked out with padding

Bulking is one problem we’ve noticed with cheaper grass mats. Some installers bulk out their mats with padding or potentially sharp metal fibres. Some manufacturers reduce the weight of their mats by making the honeycomb structure thinner and increasing the length of the nipple. This makes for a weaker, less durable mat.

Diagram of competitor's grass mat side profile
Competitor grass mat side profile diagram
ecosmart grass mat side profile
Ecosmart grass mat side profile

5. Maintenance

Lift grass mats periodically and shake them to remove loose soil and any unwanted seeds. Cheaper mats will require this form of maintenance more often than higher-quality mats.

Solutions to Problems with grass mats

Now, we don’t want you to think it’s all doom and gloom. There are solutions to all of the aforementioned problems, which we’ll go into detail now.

1. First up; to prevent mats from sinking, if the ground is particularly poor, we recommend the installation of our SmartPlay shock pad. We install this layer of foam underneath the mats, helping them retain their position and preventing them from sinking.

2. We recommend a trusted, experienced installer that knows what they’re doing. This prevents a whole range of problems with grass mats that arise from poor installation. Here at PlaySmart, we have over 15 years experience and train our contractors to exacting standards. Plus, to top it all off, we offer a 5 year Installation Guarantee on our EcoSmart and FireSmart Installations!

3. Whilst vandalism can’t always be avoided, in high-risk areas, we recommend installing a heavy-duty grass mat. Our grass mats weigh 13.5kg as standard, and we offer a fire-retardant option too for playgrounds with timber equipment.

4. Our grass mats feature a thick, outer edge for extra strength and durability. The mats also have a thick honeycomb structure and smaller nipple, meaning more rubber, and less chance of damage to the matting.

5. Finally, grass mats installed alongside our SmartPlay shock pad don’t need to be lifted or shaken due to the reduction in variations in the ground. SmartPlay has a range of other benefits, including enhanced fall height protection, reduced maintenance and prevention of mats sinking into the ground. And what’s more, is that if your grass matting does need replacing due to damage or vandalisation, it is a lot easier to replace mats that have been installed as part of the SmartPlay System.

Any Questions? Get in Touch

We hope you now better understand the problems with grass mats, and how they can be solved or prevented. Do you have any questions about our EcoSmart grass mats or SmartPlay shock pad system? Feel free to get in touch. Our office number is 01564 742811 or you can email and we’ll be happy to help!

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