Is it Possible to Repair Wet Pour?

The short answer, is yes. If your wet pour starts to pull away from the edges, or cracks appear, it is easy to have the wet pour repaired. We always recommend completing a repair in coloured EPDM. This is because it bonds better to the original surfacing and has a higher tensile strength. The choice of colour is entirely up to you. However, bright colours always make for a great wet pour repair that gives a new lease of life to the play area.

What is the best way to repair wet pour?

The best way to repair wet pour depends on which part of the play area needs fixing. We’ll go over the three main areas below:


Where the edges of a wet pour site have pulled away, due to weathering or shrinkage of the material, the best solution is to install a colour band. In these cases, we cut 200-300mm of damaged surfacing away from the edge of the play area. Some cases require the base to be cut away too if the damage is quite bad. In many wet pour repairs, the base will come away when the top layer is cut out. In both these cases the first step is to replace the base, then install the top layer as a colour band.

Cracks around current design works

If your wet pour is not installed by professionals, the edges of designs or shapes within the wetpour may start to come apart. This can create cracks and causing a trip hazard. Depending on the severity of the problem, you have two options. You could either remove the shape as a whole, or alternatively the edges of the shape/design cut out and replaced using the same process as with the edges.

repair wet pour

Equipment removal

If you decide to remove the play equipment from the area, but still want it to be a place for children to play, with a funky pattern or design, a wet pour repair is definitely still an option. At The Meadows School, they had some old wooden equipment that had been removed. However, they left the stumps in the wet pour play area, creating a trip hazard. For this kind of request, you would cut out a shape around stumps and replace that part of wet pour with a new colour. At The Meadows, we created blue wet pour shapes in place of where the equipment used to be.

Step 1 - Wet pour Squares in need of repair

What about repairing rubber mulch?

Rubber mulch is far less likely going to require repair work. However, it is possible to have it fixed if it needs it! The process is very similar to repairing wet pour. The damaged area is cut away and replaced with a new installation. The only case where it would be different is if the damaged area is in a high-use area. This is because high use areas face more damage through wear-and-tear. This includes: takeoff and landing points or under swing bays, In these situations we recommend that we replace the affected area with an EPDM wet pour wear pad.

We design our wear pads as a section of surfacing able to withstand high usage. EPDM wear pads increase a surface’s longevity, particularly when using a bonded rubber mulch for the rest of the installation. Colour EPDM is renowned for having a high tensile strength. In less technical terms that means it’s a material that has a high resistance to breaking under tension.

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  1. I would like a quote for our nursery garden. I would like it to be repaired if possible. Is it possible to have someone visit and have a look at what can be done.

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