Rubber Grass Mats – Switzerland Benefit From EcoSmart Grass Mats

Grass Mats For Playgrounds

PlaySmart UK Grass Mats, Showcasing The Benefits In Switzerland

EcoSmart Rubber Grass Mats is at the forefront of our product range of Playground Safety Surfaces. The highest standards of quality and meeting the needs of our customers throughout the globe.

Our customer in Switzerland had the perfect day to install our EcoSmart Grass matting, a more durable, better quality and heavier mat, compared to most generic Grass matting on the market today.

Surfacing Versatility

Grass matting is a great versatile solution, EcoSmart can be installed over an existing grass base without the need for digging out the current surface. When choosing this method, grass can grow through the matting to still have a natural looking surface for your playground. Additionally you can add the most important safety element, to factor in the Critical Fall Height.

When choosing EcoSmart grass matting for your surface, we always promote the key points of the CFH required. PlaySmart UK ensure our testing meets the correct standards and you are fully aware how these are met with each of our products.

grass mats for swing bay
Rubber grass mats placed under slide

Now rubber grass mats do not just have to be considered for safety, even though this is a major factor. Considering safety and how often a playground is used, EcoSmart grass matting can reduce the impact to the soil and surface. Playground surfacing needs to be just as durable as it does safe. If a surface does not hold up to regular play, weather and the number of people using the area, issues can arise. Surface deterioration can happen quickly if the surfacing product does not meet the needs of the playground.

Why Would You Choose EcoSmart Over Any Other Rubber Grass Mats On The Market?

EcoSmart Grass Mats Quality Promise

  • More rubber – Increasing the durability
  • 10mm thick walls – Thicker walls makes the mat less prone to snapping when tying together
  • 23mm depth – Extra stability, less prone to dropping and pulling away from each mat.
  • A guaranteed installation method since 2004
  • Product guarantee of 10 years
  • No hazardous elements
EcoSmart Grass Mats

It gives us a sense of pride to know that our Grass matting is used by customers throughout the globe. We ensure we have a quick efficient method of delivery when considering customers throughout Europe and the World.

Technical Safety Surfacing

EcoSmart grass mats create a completely natural play area. Due to the honeycomb structure of our grass matting, 10 – 60 days after installation, the grass will have grown back through the mat. This will create a play area that looks completely natural. As if there isn’t any safety surfacing while still considering the safety of the users all year round.

smartplay advanced shockpad

If you’ve got Critical Fall Height concerns, EcoSmart grass mats are an ideal choice. They are certified for fall heights up to 2.25m, however when installed alongside our shock pad in our SmartPlay System, the Fall Height coverage is increased to 3m on a good grass base. It is possible to install shock pad directly on top of existing ground.

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We continue to innovate and promote only the best products to ensure quality and safety is met.

If you require a complete solution and trust in quality, then EcoSmart Rubber Grass Mats from PlaySmart UK is the answer.

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