How SmartPlay can be combined with FireSmart or EcoSmart?

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In today’s blog post, Playsmart discusses why their own product Smartplay, can be coupled with either FireSmart or Ecosmart to create the ultimate full coverage safety surfaces. 

Smartplay flooring was primarily created to improve safety when using rubber grass mats for fall height protection. With a built in shock pad, it offers an enhanced safety surfacing system for natural play environments. Made from a blend of recycled, reclaimed and natural rubber, Smartplay surfaces are eco-friendly and removes the need for padding or metal fibres in the mat. 

The two products that can be paired with Smartplay are Firesmart or Ecosmart. A superior fire retardant grass mat, FireSmart has become the industry standard for fire retardant surfacing and has established PlaySmart as the market leader in grass matting. EcoSmart is a high-quality rubber grass mat for playgrounds and recreational areas from PlaySmart, the market leader in safety surfacing. By combing either of these two products, the rubber mat honeycomb structure will retain the natural look of grass.

Using the products together will positivity impact the durability and safety of your playground surfaces. Our SmartPlay product is suitable for varying ground conditions and weather, grass mats can be installed onto a flat or contoured ground, and the grass will grow back in matter of weeks. Not only this, it reduces play surface maintenance and improves the look of the area by stopping the mat sinking in wet or muddy areas, this will later encourage grass growth in action areas.

Smartplay would be best used in areas where you wish to increase the fall protection for certain play equipment. Anything above a two metre critical fall height, it is recommended that this playground safety surfacing is installed. Where grass is currently being eroded, Playsmart would also suggests having this flooring as the mat ensures grass and land retention to help with erosion control.

The process of Smartplay installation is as follows:

  1. Assess the space and give a quote. The flooring can be installed directly onto a grass base to reduce groundwork costs
  2. Ground preparation
  3. Install SmartPlay shock pad
  4. Cover with soil and grass seed
  5. Install either Ecosmart or Firesmart grass mats
  6. Grass will naturally grow through the shock pad and grass mat over time
  7. Post installation is very low maintenance, all you need to do is cut the grass

With Playsmart providing a longer life span for playgrounds and a surface that is bound to last, it’s a no brainer that you have SmartPlay installed alongside Firesmart or Ecosmart. If Smartplay flooring was ever damaged or needed to be changed, consequently it is very easy to quickly replace. Making the playground an enabling environment for buggies and wheelchair uses, this safety surface most importantly adheres to British Standards BS EN 1177 ensuring the highest level of safety for children.

Playsmart UK is a family run business with a focus on excellent customer services and the experience to recommend the right solution for your play area. If you are interested in installing Smartplay surfaces please check out our website for more details or contact our team today.

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