Benefits of Rubber Mulch in the Winter

The dark and chilly nights have snuck upon us once again, and naturally you may be thinking about how to best look after your rubber mulch in winter. Not to fear though, the good news is that it doesn’t require much maintenance, and actually comes with a whole host of additional benefits.

This article aims to enlighten on the ways in which Playsmart’s rubber mulch surface, JungleMulch is actually beneficial to have through the winter months. Additionally, we will outline the easy steps you can take to maintain your JungleMulch.

Benefits of JungleMulch

JungleMulch is a no-fuss, reliable safety surface that has had countless customers sing its praises. Available in a wide range of vibrant colours, made with eco-friendly materials, and supplied in the UK solely by Playsmart, the benefits speak for themselves. But how does it hold an advantage in winter? Playsmart has put together a few of its best assets.


PlaySmart’s Jungle Mulch bonded rubber mulch outdoor play surfacing solution in Autumnal shades of red, yellow, orange and brown.

We all know that the world can look a bit drab and dull in winter. No leaves on the trees, plants shriveled and dead, and grey skies can all contribute to a depressing and boring-looking play area.

JungleMulch provides a welcome distraction from the monotonous winter scenery by brightening up the area it is in. Available in a range of 11 different shades, it can be easily adapted to stand out from the crowd, or match the shade of its background. When you haven’t seen blue skies since October, and you’re defrosting the car every morning… a colourful playground is sure to brighten up your day!


With winter comes the harsher weather conditions, like snow, sleet and ice. As you’ve probably experienced, these can make for some treacherous ground conditions (we’ve all slipped on some black ice at some point, right?). Luckily, rubber material does not absorb water, so your JungleMulch won’t freeze over or create a puddle of water! You can walk across your rubber mulch all winter long without needing to worry about your feet flying out from under you!

Climbing frame playground covered in snow


As you may know, JungleMulch rubber mulch is a recycled product made from shredded rubber tyres. One benefit of using these to make JungleMulch is their natural hardiness and withstanding. After all, tyres are designed to hold up in any climate – and our JungleMulch is no exception.

The rubber substance means that the safety surface will be slip-resistant and weather resistant. You won’t have to spend time waterproofing it, or fixing extensive weather damage – it’s simply ready to go.

pile of car tires


To add to its expansive list of benefits, rubber mulch is a very low-maintenance product, saving you time on looking after it and more time spent playing! The area can be kept clean and tidy by regular sweeping to remove debris and grime. You should also occasionally wash your surface to ensure no build up occurs. Washing the surface on low pressure with hot water, followed by medium pressure on cold, can wash through to the base and away from the surface.

As you would with any surface, be aware of any causes for further damage to the surface – things such as oil, chewing gum and so on. For a relatively low level of maintenance, JungleMulch is truly the safety surface that keeps on giving.

person hosing sports track

If you have any more questions about JungleMulch, or you’d like to contact PlaySmart about anything else, you can reach us by filling out the contact form below or giving us a call on 01564 742811.

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