Rubber Mulch FAQ: Answering Your Questions

If you’re thinking about investing in rubber mulch for your safety surfacing needs, chances are you’ve got a lot of questions you’re looking for answers to. If you’ve never bought rubber mulch before, it can be difficult to know where to start, and you might be finding ten different answers to the same question! 

Playsmart has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about rubber mulch with detailed answers, based on our decades of industry experience and product knowledge. We hope you find this article useful, but as ever, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form at the end of this article if we can answer any other questions you might have.

How safe is rubber mulch?

As far as shock absorption goes, rubber mulch is a pretty safe bet. It cushions falls well, and is a better alternative than gravel or wood chips, which can be a lot less pleasant for a child to fall onto. The bonded rubber ensures excellent slip-resistance, and is also fully buggy and wheelchair-inclusive, meaning a rubber mulch surface like Playsmart’s JungleMulch is accessible to, and safe for everybody.

What is your mulch critical fall height?

Our JungleMulch has a range of CFH measurements dependent on the mulch depth, the base rubber depth and the total surface depth. Starting at a CFH height of 1.3m, which is the UK standard, it can reach 3.1m and still be perfectly safe. Perfect for playground equipment with higher playing levels, JungleMulch is a certified safe surface for children to play (and almost inevitably fall!) on.

What is JungleMulch?


Made from shredded recycled tyres, JungleMulch is a water-permeable surface with the look of natural bark. JungleMulch is available in many different colours and blends that can fit your vision and surroundings. It is a cost-effective alternative to wet pour, which is a more expensive surfacing, and is a more durable and lower-maintenance answer to loose fill surfacing. A proven market success, PlaySmart are the sole UK supplier of JungleMulch, guaranteeing a knowledgeable and quality installation with expert after-care advice and a no-quibble promise.

How long will rubber mulch last?

Rubber mulch is a worthwhile investment, and stands the test of time. It usually has an expected lifestyle of up to 10 years, provided it is maintained well. It has an advantage over other surfacing options; for example, being cheaper than wet pour, more robust than loose wood chips and so on. Having your rubber mulch installed by a team of experts is also a vital step to a long-lasting product, as it ensures quality materials, quality installation and quality after-care advice.

Local Playground Installation of brown-red rubber mulch safety surfacing under wheelchair accessible roundabout

What maintenance does rubber mulch need?

Rubber mulch is a fairly low maintenance product in comparison to other safety surfaces. It needs to be swept regularly to prevent buildup of debris, occasionally pressure washed to keep the surface clean, remove any foreign objects (i.e litter) and removing any weeds growing through the mulch. These four easy steps will prevent any large-scale build up that could lead to clogging or blockage of your surfacing, which means paying out for repairs or replacements.

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