RubbaSmart FAQs: A Wet-Pour Masterclass

If you’ve been eyeing up RubbaSmart as a potential new surface for your playground, you may be feeling overwhelmed with all the information associated with wet pour, or finding conflicting facts and figures. When making a large investment such as this, it’s natural to want to get everything right and make sure you have all the correct information. 

Unfortunately, the internet can be a landmine of contradictions. Therefore, we have compiled a collection of the most frequently asked questions about wet pour that we get from our clients, in the hope it helps you make sense of the wealth of information online!

rubber shard

What is RubbaSmart?

product_rubbaRubbaSmart is the PlaySmart answer to wet pour, a very popular safety surfacing solution. Characterised by its capability for creating fun patterns and vibrant colours, it makes frequent appearances on school playgrounds thanks to its aesthetic possibilities, helping fuel young people’s creativity and imagination. Made of a blended mix of rubber granules bound together, it provides excellent slip resistance and a comfy under-foot surface.. The flat and even surfacing also makes it accessible for wheelchair users, ensuring accessibility to all.

How safe is RubbaSmart?

At PlaySmart, we prioritise safety in our products, and make sure everything we bring to market meets safety regulation standards. Safety is often measured in CFH (critical fall height), meaning the distance a user could safely fall from an elevated surface onto the ground without risk of serious injury. For RubbaSmart, this could be anything between 0.7 metres and 3.0 metres, depending on the level of thickness used during installation.

Wetpour surface design in public park space. Vibrant red and yellow criss-cross design creating a modern, attractive central attraction for the local area

Is RubbaSmart a hard or soft surface?

RubbaSmart has a springy, bouncy texture under the feet, thanks to its composition of blended rubber granules. It’s certainly a softer landing than traditional concrete or asphalt, which makes it such a popular choice in playgrounds nowadays.

How expensive is RubbaSmart?

Wet pour is one of the more expensive up-front solutions when it comes to safety surfaces, which can seem off-putting at first. However, costs should always be considered against the expected lifetime of the product. With one of the longest life spans on the safety surface market, you should expect to see measurable return on investment.

How long does RubbaSmart last?

Generally speaking, wet pour rubber surfaces are expected to last 10+ years before requiring major repairs or replacements. Provided it is properly maintained, wet pour is one of the best safety surfaces with a long lifespan that you could invest in.

RubbaSmart wet pour rubber playground surfacing being used on a playground. Over green artificial surfacing, blue wet pour is used to create a puddle shaped design beneath some playground equipment

What maintenance does RubbaSmart need?

You should regularly check your surface for any foreign objects and damage – the faster you find any issues, the easier it is to fix them.

We would recommend regularly sweeping the surface to get rid of any debris like leaves and twigs. Occasionally low-pressure washing the surface with warm water can help wash dirt through to the base and away from the surface.

Is RubbaSmart waterproof?

RubbaSmart is a water permeable surface, so if installed on a surface with good drainage, this should ensure that water will drain away from the surface.

What surface do I need to lay RubbaSmart on?

RubbaSmart is versatile. We can lay it over existing surfaces such as concrete or tarmac, so there is a solid foundation and room for drainage. Alternatively, we can install a sub-base if your existing ground conditions are not optimal.

rubber wet pour pathway

In conclusion, we hope these FAQs have helped to clear up any misconceptions you may have had about wet pour. If you have a question that we haven’t addressed above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form below, and one of our dedicated team will be in touch with you ASAP!

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