Love is all a-ground

It’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s a day for celebrating who you love – or in our case, what we love! It’s no secret we’re passionate about playgrounds and love play! This Valentines we wanted to spread the love by sharing some of our team’s favourite installs over the last year!

Mixed-Material Playground, Southampton

Love Play? Georgia's favourite project

Georgia’s favourite install of 2022 was for St Mary’s C of E Primary School, Southampton. What we loved the most about this install was the range of surfacing. We used an array of our products such as EPDM, JungleMulch and Green Frog Artificial Grass. The beauty of using multiple surfacing options is the endless creative opportunities to love playgrounds it presents to users. When it comes to the number of patterns, designs and themes we could create, the sky is the limit!

St Mary’s C of E Primary School, Southampton race track rubber surfacing design
Playground race track and play structure

Corkeen, Gelbe Academy

Love Play? Jacob's favourite project

Jacob’s favourite install over the past year was our project for the Glebe Academy. This was our first time using our Corkeen surfacing, which is always exciting! We particularly love playground Corkeen because it is carbon negative when in production. In a world moving towards carbon neutrality and constantly seeking out more sustainable alternatives, we are proud to offer this renewable and natural product. Even better, the Glebe Academy’s glowing review left us all with hearts in our eyes!

Glebe Academy Corkeen pathway installations
A PlaySmart installer wearing a PlaySmart branded blue shirt installs and levels a Corkeen pathway

Wetpour, Peterborough

Love Play? Matt's favourite project

Matt’s favourite install was our recent job in Peterborough, where we carried out a wetpour installation. Although this job wasn’t as complex as some of our other recent ones, it’s made its way into Matt’s heart by how smoothly the project went. The client was a joy to work with, prepped their area according to their prior communication with us, and our team delivered a great installation that everyone was happy with. It just goes to show that with great communication and synergy, we can deliver projects that everyone will fall in love with!

Red square of wetpour rubber installation

JungleMulch Turtles, London

Love Play? Anthony's favourite project

Anthony’s favourite recent install is these turtles we completed for our client in London. We were asked to create a two-tone shell, which we did using our bonded rubber JungleMulch surfacing. We love play sites that show creativity and innovation, and this was no exception! Our client was very pleased with the outcome, and we think it went swimmingly (if we do say so ourselves!).

Love Play? Choose PlaySmart

We hope this article helped spread the PlaySmart love for play! As always, if you have any questions for us, please use the contact form below and a member of our lovely team will get back to you ASAP. Wishing everyone a happy Valentines Day!

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  1. What a thrilling read! Correct playground surfaces are crucial in ensuring children have an excellent fun time while playing without any injury risk. As we become more environmentally conscious, I believe employing pea gravel, bark mulch, or engineered wood fiber are some sustainable and safe playground surface alternatives.

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