Maximising Your Playground’s Space

We know it can be tricky to know exactly how to use all your playground space effectively, but an efficiently organised playground can make the world of difference when it comes to children enjoying and thriving in their play space. A playground with maximised space opens up a world of potential and creates a lot more opportunities for imagination to run wild. Carry on reading to find out PlaySmart’s top tips for maximising your playground’s space.

Focus on Your Equipment

Some pieces of equipment will inevitably use more space than more efficiently designed products. For example, having multiple different swing sets or seesaws scattered around your playground will take up lots of space whilst only being able to be used by two or three children at once. Instead, try looking at play equipment designed to be used for multiple children at once. For example, merry-go-rounds can usually accommodate four children at once! Also, combination sets are a great way of including multiple children at one time; with all their in-built play features, it’s a perfect solution for using space effectively and eliminating the need to have equipment scattered around the playground and taking up more individual space.

Think Vertically

Another great way of maximising your playground’s space, you can include wall games into your play space planning! By designing upwards, you only need to worry about the wall (or fence, whichever you have on your playground) and it leaves plenty of space free at ground level for additional equipment. The added bonus of including wall games to your playground is how easily they can be made educational and inclusive. Examples of wall games include traverse panels, interactive weatherproof game boards, abacuses – and there’s so much more out there too! You could include musical or sensory elements to your wall, which can help children with sensory processing issues feel more comfortable and engaged on the playground.

Upgrade Your Surfacing

When you go with a reputable and creative playground supplier like PlaySmart, you can incorporate playground games into your surfacing! Saving valuable space for equipment and creating fun and imaginative games, this is the perfect way to make the most of your space and encourage creative play without needing to use extra pieces of equipment for your playground. There are endless opportunities for designs you can use – hopscotch, snakes and ladders, and road markings are all very popular options with children due to their imaginative prompts. Not to mention, they’re also a great way of socialising with friends, as these games can often be played in pairs or teams!

Rubber Surfacing Design with Rectangular Race Track Design for Play

If this article has inspired you to maximise your playground’s potential, or you’d like to hear from PlaySmart about how we can help you achieve this, why not contact us today? We have a wide range of creative and original designs under our belt, and love thinking outside the box – we can help you bring your vision to life! Contact us using the form below and we’ll have a response with you as soon as possible.

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