Get Creative with your Playground: PlaySmart’s inventive ideas for your Play Space

Everybody knows the importance of a good playground. After all, children are naturally creative and inquisitive, and any playground worth its salt will dedicate itself to including lots of features that spark the imagination. However, some playgrounds’ surfaces could do with a breath of fresh air, or some inspiration on how to creatively engage the children playing on it, which is where the team here at PlaySmart are happy to help!

Why do I need a creative playground?

Children naturally require mental stimulation in order to stay happy and focused. If they don’t have enough play or stimulants, they can become bored, easily distracted, and misbehave or lose concentration in class. Play-time is the perfect time for them to let off some steam, but if their playground doesn’t inspire their imagination or creativity, then naturally problems with under-stimulation will arise. On the other hand, if your playground has enough creative outlets and fun spaces, the end result will be a classful of children happy, focused and ready to learn!

Why should I choose PlaySmart?

If you’re looking for a company that loves working creatively, look no further! The team here at PlaySmart are always looking for new ways to design and install innovative playground safety surfaces. We want children to have the best play experience possible, and we believe in thinking outside the box when it comes to playgrounds. Below, we’re going to list some of our favourite creative jobs that we’ve done – we hope you’ll be inspired!

JungleMulch Turtles

These JungleMulch turtles were a custom project for a primary school in London, and how unique do they look? Our client asked us to create a two-tone shell-like blend, out of our multiple JungleMulch colour options. Our team then poured the materials in to imitate the shape of a turtle’s shell. It was well-executed by our great installation team, and well-received by the children playing on them – you could say this project went swimmingly…

RubbaSmart Pirate Playground

Alt-Tag- Yellow, orange, and dark blue coloured RubbaSmart wet pour rubber surfacing used to create a beach and sea design on a children’s playground. Playground structures on this site include a yellow submarine, beach umbrella and pirate ship.

This pirate-themed playground made quite the splash! This client wanted an oceanic paradise, and our RubbaSmart surfacing does just that. The combination of sandy yellow and royal blue creates a stunning beach visual, and encourage creative play. Mixed on-site and poured into place, RubbaSmart is a quick and convenient answer to your safety surfacing needs. Not to mention the colours and patterns you can create from our materials – the sky is the limit!

RubbaSmart E.T. Adventure

RubbaSmart surfacing race track design around futuristic planet playground centrepiece

This project was out of this world… (Okay, we’ll see ourselves out.) Our client wanted an extraterrestrial experience, and this playground fits the brief. We poured a chevron-patterned mix around a focal spaceship, selecting electric purple and bright blue to make the piece pop. By choosing a surface that cohesively fits into the rest of the playground’s theme, this stimulates imaginative play by providing the backdrop to children’s imagination.

Green Frog Grass

Green Frog Artificial Grass installed for a school over play tunnel mounds

This installation was an excellent way of showing off how nicely artificial grass can finish off a playground. What can be better than a playground surface that stays perfect all year round? Only requiring minimal maintenance, artificial grass removes all the cost and work associated with the upkeep of real grass, and still looks perfect! And as you can see from the image above, it’s still possible to install unique and fun play surfaces using artificial grass.

If our blog has left you thinking about letting your creativity run wild, why not get in touch? We work up and down the country with clients, whether they are starting a project from scratch or looking to refresh their existing playground. As you can see, we have a creative and enthusiastic team, who are ready to install an imaginative play space – get in touch today and we’ll get started

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