Playground Surfaces for Home With PlaySmart

If you’re familiar with PlaySmart, or just safety surfacing in general, you’ve probably heard about the many different options we have available. There are plenty of safety surfacings to choose from, and the options may seem endless. 

However, we don’t just stop at playgrounds! PlaySmart’s range of safety surfacing can actually be adapted to fit flawlessly into your home environment. After all, safety doesn’t stop at playground surfacing- we can work with you to transform your home also! This week, we’re focusing on some of our traditional safety surfacing and how they can be optimised to fit into your home environment.

Green Frog Artificial Grass

A widely recognisable surface, artificial grass is the perfect all-rounder! Our Green Frog Grass drains water at a much faster rate, is made from durable materials to endure higher foot traffic, and its makeup is designed to mimic the look of real grass as closely as possible with none of the lengthy maintenance that comes with the real stuff! 

However, a surface that works this well on playgrounds is also well-suited for home use too. PlaySmart has helped a lot of happy customers transform their outdoor spaces with the use of Green Frog Grass. 

We don’t want to be biased, but Green Frog Grass is packed full of unique features that makes our turf industry-leading! Here’s some of our favourite features of artificial grass installation:


  • High quality materials guaranteed to last at least 8 years
  • Looks just like the real thing
  • Doesn’t need mowing, watering or feeding
  • Child friendly, with pet friendly options also available
  • Eliminates any muddy mess
  • Extreme weather-resistant material

If artificial grass isn’t your style, our sleek SmartPave might take your fancy! We offer two variations of our SmartPave safety surfacing, one being a water permeable surfacing system made from recycled tyre rubber granules, and the other being resin bound gravel. Often used for driveways, footpaths, and rural and cycle trails, SmartPave has a wide range of applications, and can make a perfect addition to your home. 

Our SmartPave surfacing is packed with unique features that stand out from its competition – we’ve listed some here:

  • Can be installed on existing bases and surfaces
  • Very low maintenance
  • Super quick and easy installation process
  • Environmentally friendly, due to its recycled rubber makeup
  • Fully drained system
grass mats

An option for those who want to keep natural grass on their lawns or in their gardens, Eco-Smart Grass Mats may be the answer! Our grass mats are made from recycled rubber, come with a 10-year product and 5-year installation guarantee, and provide a softer landing than harsher safety tiling surfacing. 

Perfect for kids that want to play at home, grass mats mean that you can enjoy natural grass surfacing as well as children’s soft play surfaces. By installing our matting on natural grass, it encourages the growth of the grass through the matting, making maintenance super easy – just mow over the mats! 

Most importantly, it provides a soft play area surfacing to cushion those inevitable falls. Whether you have a trampoline, swing or slide in your garden, you can ensure a better landing!

Some of our favourite grass mat features are:

  • Minimal groundwork costs
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Durable and resistant material
  • Encourages natural grass growth
  • Can be installed on existing surfaces
  • Eliminates muddy mess

If you’re interested in a PlaySmart safety surfacing for your home, why not get in touch? We can discuss our products, prices and consult on which surfacing option fits your needs best. You can either fill out our contact form below, or give us a ring on 01564 742811, for all your safety surfacing needs.

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  1. Outstanding post! Artificial playground surfacing is more sanitary and cleaner than other types of floor covering. Secondly, it may be easily cleaned and repaired in the case of deterioration or wear. Moreover, outdoor playground flooring minimizes the risk of injury to children in case of a slip or fall. I believe rubber mulch, solid rubber playground surfaces, and fake grass are excellent alternatives.

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