Spotlight on Playsmart’s EcoSmart Development

As carbon neutrality and a greener future is on the horizon, Playsmart is effectively contributing to this change of direction with our EcoSmart best surface for children play area products.

But first, what is EcoSmart?

EcoSmart is a high-quality rubber grass mat for playgrounds and recreational areas from PlaySmart, the market leader in safety surfacing.

Made from recycled rubber, our mats provide a softer landing than safety tiles with a harsh plastic finish. EcoSmart is available with a 10-year product and a 5-year installation guarantee, as well as trademarked installation specification.

By choosing EcoSmart, you’ll be choosing an environmentally friendly surfacing solution that is safe, durable and cost-effective.

Now let’s dive in and discover the actual environment friendly products.


Made from a blend of recycled, reclaimed and natural rubber, Smartplay surfaces are eco-friendly and remove the need for padding or metal fibres in the mat. SmartPlay can be coupled with either fireproof mats or EcoSmart to create the ultimate full coverage safety surfaces.

SmartPlay flooring was primarily created to improve safety when using rubber grass mats for fall height protection. With a built in shock pad, it offers an enhanced safety surfacing system for natural play environments.

smartplay advanced shockpad
grass mats

EcoSmart Grass Matting is at the forefront of our product range of Playground Safety Surfaces, the highest standards of quality and meeting the needs of our customers throughout the globe.

Our EcoSmart Grass mats are a more durable, better quality and heavier mat, compared to most generic grass matting on the market today. It is the environmentally friendly choice for grass mats. It’s recycled, long lasting and allows the grass to grow through for natural play.

Grass matting is a great versatile solution, it can be installed over an existing grass base without the need for digging out the current surface. When choosing this method, the current grass can grow through the matting to still have a natural looking surface for your playground, but adding the most important safety element, to factor in the Critical Fall Height from set pieces of equipment.

EcoSmart grass mats create a completely natural play area. Due to the honeycomb structure of our grass matting, 10 – 60 days after installation, the grass will have grown back through the mat. This will create a play area that looks completely natural, as though there isn’t any safety surfacing underneath even though there is, and the safety of the users is considered all year round.

If you’ve got Critical Fall Height concerns, EcoSmart grass mats are an ideal choice. They are certified for fall heights up to 2.25m, however when installed alongside our shock pad underlay in our SmartPlay System, the Fall Height coverage is increased to 3m on a good grass base. It is possible to install shock pad directly on top of existing ground.

With Playsmart providing a longer life span for playgrounds and a surface that is bound to last, it’s a no brainer that you have SmartPlay installed alongside EcoSmart. If SmartPlay flooring was ever damaged or needed to be changed, consequently it is very easy to quickly replace. Making the playground an enabling environment for buggies and wheelchair uses, this safety surface most importantly adheres to British Standards BS EN 1177 ensuring the highest level of safety for children.

Uses of EcoSmart Grass Mats:

  • Parks and recreation grounds
  • Areas with equipment
  • Children’s play areas
  • Outdoor gyms

Hybrid GrassSmart is a leading supplier of high-quality hybrid grass in Europe. This innovative product combines the best of both worlds of natural and artificial grass offering a solution that provides long durability and the best cosmetic result for sporting areas, playgrounds, gardens and more.

Their eco-friendly mission means that Green Hybrid has been designed with biodegradable materials.

PlaySmart offers the full range of Green Hybrid grass solutions including their safety certified Fall Protection Pad. So wherever and whatever your project is, we can supply the most suitable solution for your project!


Proven in the US for many years, JungleMulch rubber mulch is now available in the UK exclusively through PlaySmart. Made from shredded recycled tyres, meaning it is environmentally friendly, it is a water permeable safety surface with the look of natural bark. Rubber Mulch is available in a range of vibrant colour blends that stay bright because of our unique organic colouring process.

Suitable for many uses, JungleMulch can remove the costly ground works typically associated with wet pour and is a cost-effective alternative to loose fill, being more durable with less maintenance required.

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We continue to innovate and promote only the best products to ensure quality and safety is met while also being environmentally friendly.

If you require a complete solution and trust in quality, then EcoSmart Grass Matting from PlaySmart UK is the answer.


Get in touch today and of our advisors will be more than happy to help.

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PlaySmart UK is a family run business with a focus on excellent customer services and the experience to recommend the right solution for your play area. If you are interested in installing SmartPlay surfaces please check out our website for more details or contact our team today.

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