Wheelchair accessible inclusive play with PlaySmart

Are you looking for new surfacing for wheelchair accessible play areas or parks? At Playsmart, inclusion and providing an innovative inclusive play environment is a key aspect of our philosophy. Therefore, we wholeheartedly believe that all children should have access to play on the same play facilities.

It came to our attention that wheelchair users were having problems with artificial grass on playground surfaces. Therefore, we are here to provide alternatives for better wheelchair playground design and easier navigation through the playground. We encourage playgrounds to continually adapt for greater accessibility in surfaces and equipment. This creates spaces where all users can benefit from and enjoy outdoor play.

Therefore, let’s dive into the ways that our surface products can provide fully wheelchair accessible play environments …


Yellow rubber surfaced accessibility ramp

Mixed on-site and poured into place on your playground, wet pour surfacing is a smooth surface. Therefore, it is a great solution for wheelcahir accessible play areas, paths, and ramps

This makes the playground experience so much easier for those with disabilities. This is because wheelchair users can’t navigate across uneven surfaces. This excludes children in wheelchairs from accessing the same equipment and resources as their able-bodied counterparts. Our team can also customise wet pour rubber with different colours and patterns.


corkeen bg 2

Exclusively provided by Playsmart, Corkeen is a premium cork based safety surface. This renewable and natural material provides a safe and durable playground surface. Because of its flat and shock absorbent surface, Corkeen guarantees full accessibility for children of all abilities.

Made up of 90% natural cork, Corkeen is entirely free of all toxins and chemicals. This therefore keeps both you and your environment safe. This is because the non-plastic material helps to prevent the further pollution of our ecosystem with non-biodegradable products.

Corkeen has a built in wear-resistant top layer and shock absorbent base layer. This is because it takes advantage of a two-layer system design. Also, Corkeen engineers cork into granules and binders to ensure safety and quality.

Key Benefits of Corkeen

    • Extremely eco-friendly

    • Long-lasting

    • All weather surface

    • Stable surface, therefore ensuring full accessibility for wheelchair and mobility equipment users

    • Hypoallergenic

    • Good drainage capacity

Example Uses of Corkeen
    • Playgrounds

    • Leisure spaces

    • Recreational areas

    • Spots with equipment or play structures


Bonded rubber mulch is a great surface in all aspects. JungleMulch is cushioning, colourful, slip-resistant and sustainable, with a lower price tag than other competitors. The benefits of rubber mulch speak for themselves!

PlaySmart manufactures our own exclusive offering, JungleMulch, from recycled shredded tyres. Additionally, we dye the rubber with our own unique coloring process to ensure long-lasting vibrant colours. The rubber mulch surface has excellent slip resistance for wheelchair grip. Also, we can install it at a range of depths to offer the best fall protection levels. Because of JungleMulch’s smooth surface, it is very accommodating to wheelchair users. Therefore, it is known as one of the most accessible surfaces on the market.

Get in touch today and of our advisors will be more than happy to help

We continue to innovate and promote only the best products to ensure quality and safety are met. We also dedicate our innovations to being environmentally friendly and providing options for wheelchair accessible play.

To learn more about our products here. Alternatively, you can also give us a call at 01564 721811.

PlaySmart UK is a family run business with a focus on excellent customer service. Also, our team has the wide range of experience to recommend the right solution for your play area. Are you interested in installing Smartplay surfaces? Then please check out our website for more details or contact our team today.

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