Problems with Artificial Grass and Playsmart’s Solutions

Artificial grass surface installed in a rectangular section of a backyard surrounded by fencing

Need some information on how to deal with some of the problems with artificial grass? Playsmart provides expert suggestions and solutions for safe artificial grass installation and management to help you deal with the various artificial grass problems that you may encounter.

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Smoking or Having a Barbeque on Artificial Grass

The good news is that most artificial grasses are flame resistant. The fireproof mats as the base of the artificial grass ensure that they won’t catch fire if a flammable source falls onto it. However, that’s not to say that this won’t damage the grass at all.

If your artificial grass mats are fireproof mats, a fire won’t start on them. However, the heat from a flammable object such as a cigarette, or stray ash will melt the plastic fibres of the grass. This is unlikely to cause a hazard, and can often be repaired. However, while repairs are possible, heat damage might leave a visible mark, which cannot always be fully repaired.

Similarly, BBQs pose a threat to your grass. The coal used on BBQs stays hot for hours after use, and breezes can easily sweep ash through the air that land on the grass and burn it. Whilst less likely, there is also the potential for the BBQ itself to be knocked over, and this can cause larger-scale damage to the grass.

Man grilling meat on a Barbecue

To avoid any danger of this damage, simply keep cigarettes and BBQ’s away from your grass. The use of ashtrays can also be a good idea in order to minimize artificial grass damage.

Parking on Artificial Grass

The aesthetic appeal of a bright green lawn might attract people into thinking that artificial grass will make for a visually pleasing driveway or park location. However, whilst the surfacing certainly has aesthetic appeal, this is not one of the best artificial grass ideas as artificial turf will sadly not hold up if used as a driveway.

Unfortunately, the weight of a vehicle is far too heavy for synthetic grass mats to withstand. The spinning of the tyres will rip the grass apart from its edges. Additionally, there can often be oil on car wheels, and this can drip onto the grass, which is difficult to remove during maintenance. Artificial turf should be kept for recreational areas, and is unsuitable for parking or driveways.

white car parked on an artificial grass surface

An alternative solution for a driveway or parking area would be to combine artificial grass mats with our SmartPave product in the area you would like your car to be parked and surface the remaining area with artificial grass!

In this way you can enjoy a nice artificial grass area while also having your car parked on the solid ground that SmartPave offers, either from recycled bonded rubber mulch or gravel aggregates. This combined paving and artificial grass installation idea reduces the chance of wheel spinning in wet weather and cars rolling on inclined surfaces.

Artificial Grass During the Summer Months

On a hot summer’s day, artificial grass can absorb heat very easily and reach an uncomfortable temperature. Wearing appropriate footwear, hosing the turf down with cold water or sitting on a blanket are all measures that should be taken to avoid burn risks and make your time on your artificial grass lawns more enjoyable.  

The same advice can be applied to Summer school playgrounds ensuring pleasant play on the best surface for childrens play area.

Problems with Artificial Grass Installation

If you’re buying your synthetic grass mats from a reputable supplier with installation as part of the sales process, you can usually trust that you’re getting a reliable and professional service. Always do your research when buying these products, to start your journey check out our customer testimonials and surfacing and artificial grass reviews here.

Skimping on installation means that proper procedures aren’t followed, such as:

  • Ensuring the artificial grass has good drainage, to avoid flooding
  • Providing the wrong type of grass for its environment
  • Not installing on an appropriate surface, so the grass could sink or decrease rapidly in quality

By choosing a supplier with trusted reviews, quality materials and experienced installers, you won’t have to spend money fixing costly repairs very soon in your grasses lifespan. Playsmart has its own team of installation experts giving you the confidence that your installation will be reliable and will last the test of time! Our durable, high-quality Green Frog Artificial Grass is guaranteed to last for at least 8 years!

Artificial Grass During the Winter Months

Although we know how to keep ourselves weather-appropriate in winter, can the same be said when considering artificial grass?

While artificial grass itself won’t be damaged or die from frost and harsh weather, the blades run the risk of turning brittle if they freeze. This isn’t an issue in itself if they are allowed to defrost, but if walked upon, this could cause further damage. PlaySmart recommends waiting for the frost to melt off of the turf before walking on the grass.

Snow doesn’t have adverse effects on artificial grass, and also won’t affect the colour of your grass. However, you should avoid letting snow pile up on the grass. As would happen on a normal surface, when snow gets trodden on, it forms packed layers and turns to ice. This is not only dangerous to walk on but can cause damage to the grass due to the weight of the ice pressing down on it.

damaged artificial grass

The best way to remove snow from your artificial grass is either by hand or by using a plastic shovel. Shovels of a heavier material, such as metal, are far more likely to damage the grass and break any of the frozen fibres.

You may notice your grass flatten when it is under a layer of snow, but it will bounce back after the snow has melted. You can also help the grass stand back up by brushing it off with a stiff yard brush.

PlaySmart does not recommend the use of salt to remove or melt snow and ice, as this could create a clog in the drainage system of the grass, which can lead to flooding later down the line.

frozen grass standing up straight on a lawn

We hope this article has given you some ideas of what to look for when it comes to keeping your artificial grass beautiful and healthy for many years.

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