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Here at PlaySmart, we’re often asked for our recommendations for outdoor flooring. So we’ve gathered all the information you need to help you choose the best surface for your children’s play area or outdoor space or your ideal playground design!

Here are our top picks…

Outdoor running tracks

Running is an exercise that is good for both physical and mental health in people of all ages. Whilst running tracks are most often requested by schools and PE departments, they can be a great addition to a wide range of venues, including:

  • Parks and recreation grounds
  • Embankments and tree surrounds
  • Paths/trails
Jungle Mulch Surfacing

An outdoor running track must be water-permeable and slip-resistant to provide full safety, therefore our Jungle Mulch bonded rubber mulch surface is a perfect option for your running track.

This outdoor surfacing idea provides peace of mind when it comes to slip hazards and puddling problems, while also being fully wheelchair and buggy accessible. Jungle Mulch also helps suppress weeds while accommodating tree and plant growth, meaning you can have a natural-looking setting without the hassle of weed removal during rubber mulch maintenance.

JungleMulch Background
Artificial Grass Ideas for Schools

For school playgrounds of any size, artificial grass can create a durable and natural-looking chill-out area for kids of all ages. You could either do this as a whole section of artificial grass as a children’s play field or as an inviting circle of grass around a Wendy house or other playground equipment.

Green Frog Artificial Grass in a circle shape around a large wooden Wendy house gazebo play house.
Green Frog Artificial Grass

This artificial grass option is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional turf, providing a realistic product that comes with a whole host of added benefits. Its main attraction is how perfect it looks all year round, withstanding the elements and heavy footfall, making it a perfect surface for an outdoor track or larger space to play!

Green Frog also appeals to safety concerns- with its rapid drainage technology and strong durable makeup that means it remains beautiful and safe come rain or shine.

Safety Surfacing for Playground Equipment

Whether your school requires shock pad underlays for your trim trail or climbing frame, artificial grass makes for an excellent safety surface. We’ve developed a shock pad safety mat that can go underneath artificial grass at various thicknesses, covering a range of critical fall heights from 0.7m to 3.0m.

Green Frog Artificial Grass used as safety surfacing for a primary school trim trail and musical play set playground equipment.
Creative Playground Surfacing

Artificial Grass meets your school’s creativity by incorporating designs into it.

A common design inspiration is road markings for a racing track themed play area- easily created using a child-friendly velour grass carpet.

Image of Green Frog Artificial Grass used in a rectangular road track on a play area, with green artificial grass at the centre and black and white patterned artificial grass used for the road design.
Artificial Grass with RubbaSmart Wet Pour Rubber

If you’re wanting all the benefits of artificial grass, but also want to incorporate other patterns and designs, we are more than happy to follow your playground design vision!

Combining wet pour and artificial grass is a great option for this as it allows you to create a much wider range of designs to suit your playground. An inviting environment with varied colours, shapes and textures, schools and nurseries can help develop children’s minds and stimulate their imagination.

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We hope this article has given you some ideas for your next playground project, we are proud to offer inspiration and practical, cost-effective solutions for all play areas and outdoor spaces.

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