PlaySmart’s Guide to Playground Flooring Installation

The playground installation process doesn’t have to be a difficult one with Playsmart’s help! Our qualified expert team of installers is ready to help you build the perfect space to play with safe, durable, and attractive playground surface options for your needs.

But how does playground flooring installation work? PlaySmart is here to walk you through the best practice for the installation of our variety of surfacing solutions right for any playground…

RubbaSmart Wet Pour Safety Surfacing

Wet pour rubber flooring is a very popular surfacing material due to its durability, accessibility, and attractiveness, and our RubbaSmart Wet Pour Surfacing is one of the best in all these regards! RubbaSmart is made from peroxide vulcanized rubber which is 100% hygienic and safe for kids while also being anti-slip, anti-aging, and ignition resistant.

Our RubbaSmart wet pour surfaces are bespoke to your play area’s needs with a wide range of colours that can be used to create impressive playground designs. The rubber preparation process prevents issues of fading due to water, UV, or wear-and-tear that other materials can suffer from, making this ideal for heavily-trafficked outdoor areas.

The rubber combined with a PU rubber binder is mixed on-site and poured when wet to fill the set perimeters of your design. Installation can occur on a range of surfaces easily, including concrete and tarmac with an additional sub-base layer if required. This material can be used around play equipment to provide a safety surfacing role with critical fall height (CFH) protection ranging from 0.7m to 130m depending on the desired thickness.

A photograph of three circular samples showing colours aggregates of RubbaSmart wet pour rubber in front of a pre-laid red, yellow and brown rubber surface. One sample is red, brown, and peach, the next is green, yellow and red, and the last is red, yellow and brown

PlaySmart works with you every step of the way to create the best surface for children’s play areas or outdoor flooring for gyms and sports courts. In addition to top-quality, no-quibble installation, our aftercare services are there for you to maintain and clean wet pour surfacing, even providing upkeep reskim layers if required.

Wet Pour Rubber installation. The brown rubber covers a playground surface, around wooden play structures and a workers is laying and smoothing out a final section
Rubber Grass Mats

Grass mats are one of the easiest and most effective safety surfacing options to install and upkeep. With a 10-year product and a 5-year installation guarantee, PlaySmart’s high-quality, eco-friendly rubber grass mats are a great option for grass outdoor surfaces. Permeable options prevent surface runoff as water can’t collect to create puddles, reducing drainage issues on damper or more uneven playground flooring that more often face marshy conditions.

For more information on PlaySmart’s Grass Mats, you can access our full guide here.


What is the best ground cover for a playground to keep kids safe and look after the environment? The answer is EcoSmart synthetic grass mats, designed to cover any size of play area with porous, durable safety surfacing, providing a cushioning effect to reduce risks.

Recycled rubber playground mats are reliably installed with our trademarked installation specification to be long-lasting and cost-effective.

Playsmart ensures a safe, neat installation of our grass mats due to our unique installation practices. Our three-stage process includes:

  1. Soil and seed where the ground or existing grass is prepared to a quality standard.
  2. SmartPlay shock pad installation if required, this can be done easily around existing playground equipment.
  3. Grassmat installation, over the SmartPlay shock pad underlay the mats are neatly applied, and over time grass is able to grow through the matting hiding the rubber for a natural look.

The heavier material we use is designed to last with minimal maintenance without harming the grass underneath. The grass is able to grow comfortably through the gaps in the surface to provide a natural look that can simply be mowed over to control grass growth.

EcoSmart Grass mats when installed with a quality grass base can achieve a 2.25m critical fall height (CFH), this is tested on-site with independent field tests of the surfacing in different weather, soil, and turf conditions. In areas where ground quality is less than ideal, we recommend combining installation with our SmartPlay shock pad underlay system.

JungleMulch Rubber Mulch UK

Rubber mulch is a unique option for playground surfaces that can provide a natural or vibrant look for your playground with cost-effective and easy installation. Rubber mulch is a great tool to build creative and colourful paths or even features kids will love!

A Table detailing the Fall Height (m), JungleMulch Depth (mm), Base Rubber Depth (mm), and Total Surface Depth (m2) for installation of Jungle Mulch Rubber Mulch.

Exclusively available through PlaySmart, Jungle Mulch playground rubber mulch surfacing is a water-permeable safety surface made from shredded recycled tyres. In playground sites where more intensive installation options such as wet pour surfacing or loose fill play bark are not the ideal option, Jungle Mulch can be installed to create a durable surface.

Bonded rubber mulch and rubber chippings for play areas create a safe, accessible surface that is very effective for pathways, mounds, and erosion control. Additionally, this is a very popular choice for specialist sports paths and outdoor running tracks with a range of colours and simple and clean rubber mulch maintenance processes.

Our process is designed to cause the least disruption to the ground and site so people can enjoy the site as soon as possible! Minimal sub-bases are required for installation, which saves time and money on the whole process, however, rubber depth varies depending on desired CFHs and surface depths.

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