Making Eco-Friendly Playgrounds with Sustainable Flooring

Here at PlaySmart we are proud to be leading the UK playground industry towards a greener future. Also, because of our sustainable flooring, we are the go-to for creating long-lasting and safe eco-friendly playgrounds.

Our green options range includes:

  • Recycled rubber mat safety surfacing
  • Natural cork flooring
  • Recycled rubber mulch
  • Water permeable eco chippings.

Whatever you are looking for, PlaySmart provides you with a broad choice of sustainable flooring for any playground. This is because we provide a wide range of alternatives to typical flooring options.

Playground rubber mulch path with green vegetation and wooden trellis arch
Why is Sustainable Flooring Important for your Eco-Friendly Playgrounds?

Sustainable playground design has become increasingly popular across the country over the last few years. Eco-conscious schools, house builders, and local councils alike bring concerns over the climate into their planning decisions. Eco friendly playgrounds are a large draw for visitors, especially families and young people passionate about the environment.

Sustainable flooring solutions offered by PlaySmart have the added benefit of long-lasting durability. Therefore, this limits long-term costs from maintenance and replacement. Subsequently keeping your play area looking amazing for longer! Our careful material choice of recycled and natural flooring means that no corners are cut on quality.

Recycled Rubber Playground Surfacing

Made from used tyres, recycled rubber surfaces are great for sustainable play areas because of the added safety considerations. This is because the material allows for thicker mats and stable mulch needed for extra safety, but without extra costs.

We produce recycled rubber mats like our EcoSmart Natural Play Safety Surfacing from high-quality recycled rubber. We also design these in a honeycombed structure. This is because this provides a softer landing than hard plastic safety tiles. Plastics are becoming less popular as a playground solution with more wooden play equipment and rubber flooring. This is both because these materials are sustainable and also often have reliability and durability.

EcoSmart Rubber grass mats with grass growing through the gaps

JungleMulch is a rubber mulch flooring solution. It uses eco chippings of recycled rubber, natural colour pigments, and polyurethane binders to create a vibrant, accessible safety surface. Additionally, playground recycled rubber mulch is a cost-effective alternative to non-recycled wet pour or loose fill rubber. It also offers a more durable surface that facilitates tree growth and looks great!

Some playground recycled rubber mulch can have issues with contaminates like wire or plastics that can be harmful. Therefore, JungleMulch removes this risk by using high-quality rubber from truck and aircraft tyres that contain no metal or fibre. Therefore, your kids are safe to play!

A golf pathway using our multi-coloured Jungle Mulch Rubber Mulch surface cover in a golf course, surrounded by grass and next to a pond
Natural Cork Flooring

Corkeen is a premier eco-friendly playground option available in the UK only from PlaySmart. The natural cork flooring creates a flat safety surface for running, jumping and playing. Also, the all-natural cork comes from renewable cork oak producers from Green Leader in cork materials: Amorim.

Developers often overlook cork flooring in playground design. However, it is a great option for slip-resistant, hypoallergenic, durable playgrounds. Nursery and school playgrounds and pathways can benefit from this flooring option. This is because Corkeen’s wear-resistant upper layer and shock-absorbent lower layer protect in multiple ways.

Don’t feel restricted by traditional playground surfacing materials. To push your site to become an eco-friendly playground, you should choose sustainable flooring materials.

Ecological Benefits of Water Permeable Surfaces

In addition to the sustainable flooring materials we use, water-permeability is also a great way to promote sustainable play design. Most notably, our rubber-bound gravel SmartPave surfacing meets the criteria for use in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS). Therefore, it can protect local water systems and reduce the risks of flooding.

In rainy weather, this allows water to pass through water permeable floors into the water table below the ground. Water-permeable surfaces thereofre prevent surface run-off and build-up of water that is common in paved urban areas. Additionally, we recommend planting grass and vegetation to further support the natural flow of water in urban or semi-urban areas.

In our continuing attention to sustainable play design, PlaySmart makes the smart choice at each step. Therefore, we use organic pigments and non-toxic materials in our surfacing. This prevents water from leaching harmful substances into the soil and local water system.

Are you ready to start exploring your options for Eco-Friendly Playgrounds with PlaySmart?

Sustainability in landscape design and site development is important. This is because it provides the best return on your investment and for your local area.

Are you looking for more advice or a quote for your surfacing? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch! Additionally, you can request a callback or quote with the handy contact form at the top of the page. You could also call our team at: 01564 742811.

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